2014 Latest 100% Pass Guaranteed Juniper JN0-360 Practice Tests (1-10)

By | April 28, 2014

What are two valid actions that can be applied to a frame by a Layer 2 firewall filter? (Choose two)

A.    Log
B.    loss-priority
C.    sample
D.    count

Answer: BD

Which two statements describe differences between IPv4 and IPv6? (Choose two)

A.    IPsec is built into IPv6
B.    IPv6 uses a 32-bit (4-byte) address and can support up to 4,294,967,296 addresses
C.    IPv4 supports extension headers whereas IPv6 options are integrated into the base
D.    IPv6 eliminates the need for NAT

Answer: AD

You must configure an OSPF area that does not accept type 3 link-state advertisements (LSAs) from area 0 (other than the default route) You have configured your area to be stub, but you still see type 3 LSAs.
What will account for this behavior?

A.    You should have configured your area as totally stubby
B.    You should have used a not-so-stubby-area
C.    You are experiencing a routing loop
D.    You have exported routes into OSPF

Answer: A

You have configured an IP-IP tunnel between Router A and Router B.
Which Junos operational mode command is used to verify that the tunnel interface is up and operational?

A.    show chassis tunnel status
B.    show tunnel interface
C.    show interfaces terse
D.    show interfaces tunnel

Answer: C

Which IS-IS packet is used to determine the level of an IS-IS neighbor?

A.    IIH
B.    LSP
C.    PSNP
D.    CSNP

Answer: A

Router A is an OSPF router connected to both Area 0 and Area 1 Area 1 has been configured as a stub area Which two LSA types does Router A suppress from Area 1 ?

A.    Router LSA
B.    External LSA
C.    Summary LSA
D.    ASBR Summary LSA

Answer: BD

You are logged into a router and have navigated to the (edit routing-options] level of the hierarchy. You have been asked to create a static route that will use as its primary next-hop and as its secondary next-hop.
Which command correctly configures this scenario?

A.    set static route 8/8 qualified-next-hop pref 10
B.    set static route 8/8 next-hop secondary-next-hop preference 10
C.    set static route 8/8 next-hop qualified-next-hop preference 10
D.    set static route 8/8 next-hop [] pref 10

Answer: C

Click the Exhibit button. Based on the illustration of the VPLS topology shown in the exhibit, which statement is true?

A.    PE-C must have a spanning-tree protocol enabled
B.    CE-C must have BGP enabled
C.    Traffic forwarded from PE-C to PE-A is forwarded on to PE-B
D.    Traffic forwarded from PE-C to PE-A is not forwarded on to PE-B

Answer: D

Which Junos operational mode command is used to verify that load balancing is working as expected?

A.    show route all
B.    show route extensive
C.    show route balancing
D.    show route forwarding-table

Answer: D

Which two values displayed in the output from the show spanning-tree MSTP configuration command must match on all switches participating in the same MSTP region? (Choose two)

A.    root bridge identifier
B.    authentication checksum
C.    context identifier
D.    configuration digest

Answer: CD

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