2014 Latest 100% Pass Guaranteed Juniper JN0-360 Practice Tests (101-110)

By | May 6, 2014

You are logged into a PE router participating in a Layer 3 VPN as defined in RFC 4364. You would like to ping the locally connected CE router’s interface. The address of the interface is; the VPN routing-instance is named VPN-A.Which command will accomplish this task?

A.    ping routing-instance VPN-A
B.    ping instance VPN-A
C.    ping vpn-instance VPN-A
D.    ping VPN-A
E.    ping mpls l3vpn VPN-A

Answer: A

Click the Exhibit button. From the output shown in the exhibit, what would happen to a packet destined for address

A.    The address is not in the aggregate range; the packet is sent to the Routing Engine.
B.    The address is in the aggregate range; the packet will be silently dropped.
C.    The address is not in the aggregate range; the packet will be forwarded.
D.    The address is in the aggregate range; the packet will be dropped.

Answer: D

Before configuring an RSVP LSP in your network, you first apply a baseline configuration to all of the routers.Which three configuration elements are minimally required in the baseline? (Choose three.)

A.    family mpls on the loopback interface
B.    family mpls on the transit interfaces
C.    protocols ldp for the appropriate interfaces
D.    protocols mpls for the appropriate interfaces
E.    protocols rsvp for the appropriate interfaces

Answer: BDE

Your customer complains that their Layer 3 VPN is not passing traffic from one site to another. You assigned that customer to VPN-A. Which command on the PE router will confirm the presence of customer routes?

A.    show route VPN-A
B.    show route VPN-A table bgp.l2vpn.0
C.    show route table inet.3 VPN-A
D.    show route table VPN-A.inet.0

Answer: D

In an IS-IS network, which device represents the pseudo-node?

A.    a designated intermediate system
B.    an area border router
C.    a router with an IS-IS export policy
D.    a router connected to the backbone

Answer: A

Router B is an OSPF router connected to both Area 0 and Area 2. Area 2 has been configured as a totally stubby area.Which three LSA types does Router B suppress from Area 2? (Choose Three.)

A.    Router LSA
B.    Network LSA
C.    External LSA
D.    Summary LSA
E.    ASBR Summary LSA

Answer: CDE

What is the size of the unique address used to identify each node on an Ethernet LAN?

A.    3 bytes
B.    6 bytes
C.    9 bytes
D.    12 bytes

Answer: B

Which two IS-IS packet types are used to maintain IS-IS database synchronization? (Choose two.)

A.    IIH
B.    LSP
C.    PSNP
D.    CSNP

Answer: CD

You notice that a route from internal BGP peer is missing from the local route table.Which two commands would be used to help identify the source of the problem? (Choose two.)

A.    show route bgp
B.    show route protocol bgp hidden
C.    show route receive-protocol bgp
D.    show route advertising-protocol bgp

Answer: BC

What are three ways to configure IPv6 addresses in your network? (Choose three.)

A.    Statically configure your IPv6 addresses.
B.    Configure your IPv6 addresses using stateless auto configuration.
C.    Configure your IPv6 addresses by setting up a DHCPv6 server.
D.    Configure your IPv6 addresses by assigning your router a prefix list.
E.    Configure your IPv6 addresses by configuring support for unicast-arp-negotiation.

Answer: ABC

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