2014 Latest 100% Pass Guaranteed Juniper JN0-360 Practice Tests (111-120)

By | May 6, 2014

Click the Exhibit button. Which two topologies shown in the exhibit could be implemented without a spanning-tree protocol? (Choose two.)

A.    ring
B.    tree
C.    star
D.    mesh

Answer: BC

Click the Exhibit button. In the exhibit, all routers are sending routes to Router B.Which routes will be advertised from Router B to Router E?

A.    BGP routes learned from Router A only
B.    BGP routes learned from Router D only
C.    BGP routes learned from Routers A and C only
D.    BGP routes learned from Routers A, C, and D only

Answer: D

In your RSVP network you have configured three separate LSPs to the same egress address. You have made no other configuration changes to the forwarding decisions made by the router.Which commands can you use to determine which LSP is being used to forward packets?

A.    show route table inet.3
B.    show route table inet.4
C.    show rsvp neighbor
D.    show rsvp session

Answer: A

Which two values are used by an RSTP bridge to remove stale BPDU information? (Choose two.)

A.    Message Age
B.    Forwarding Delay
C.    Hello Time
D.    Max Age

Answer: AD

Click the Exhibit button. After the MAC learning limit of 3000 is reached for the bd bridge domain as shown in the exhibit, what happens to frames that arrive that contain unknown unicast destination addresses?


A.    They are flooded.
B.    The are forwarded to the default gateway.
C.    They are dropped.
D.    They are forwarded to the IRB interface.

Answer: A

You have recently configured MSTP on two switches in your network to participate in the same MSTP region. You issue the show spanning-tree mstp configuration command on both switches and notice that the configuration digests do not match.What does this mismatch indicate?

A.    Everything is functioning as expected because the configuration digests should not match.
B.    You should ensure that the max-age and hello timers are equal on both switches.
C.    You should ensure that the bridge IDs and priority values are unique on both switches.
D.    You should ensure that the MSTIs and their VLAN IDs are equal on both switches.

Answer: D

You have a stub OSPF area running in your network. Your supervisor has asked you to build a virtual link across this area to connect new equipment acquired in a recent ISP acquisition.Which statement is correct about this scenario?

A.    Type 5 LSAs would be blocked in a stub area.
B.    Type 5 LSAs would carry external information across your transit area to the backbone.
C.    Type 5 LSAs would be seen only in the newly attached area.
D.    Type 5 LSAs would be converted to type 7 LSAs.

Answer: A

You own a small company and need to assign IPv6 addresses to your routers. Because you want to follow the guidelines spelled out in RFC 3177, you want to design your network with the correct prefixes.Which prefix would your ISP likely allocate to your company?

A.    47-bit prefix
B.    48-bit prefix
C.    64-bit prefix
D.    128-bit prefix

Answer: B

Your customer would like to forward traffic using DLCI 600 and maintain Layer 2 information across a VPN.Which solution will meet these requirements?

A.    a Layer 3 VPN
B.    a Layer 2 VPN
C.    Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS)
D.    an IPsec VPN

Answer: B

You have two OSPF routers that are trying to form an adjacency. When you issue the command show ospf neighbor, you see that one router is in the loading state and the other is in the full state.Why are you seeing the router’s state as loading?

A.    The router does not know about the received LSA header and has transmitted a link-state request.
B.    The router has finished transmitting, but is still receiving database information.
C.    The router is waiting for a start event.
D.    The router has established bidirectional communication with its peer.

Answer: B

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