2014 Latest 100% Pass Guaranteed Juniper JN0-360 Practice Tests (131-140)

By | May 7, 2014

Which two statements describe advantages of using BGP for VPLS signaling instead of LDP signaling? (Choose two.)

A.    There is no need for MPLS signaling protocol.
B.    There is a well-defined scaling hierarchy.
C.    There is a separation of signaling from other services.
D.    There is auto discovery.

Answer: BD

Which statement is true about the operation of Layer 2 VPNs?

A.    Layer 2 VPNs require that CE devices use the same Layer 2 encapsulation
B.    Layer 2 VPNs do not permit CE devices to operate a Layer 3 protocol with each other
C.    Service provider routers must evaluate the IP header of packets as they traverse their network
D.    Layer 2 VPNs allow CEs to use different encapsulations on either side of the VPN

Answer: D

Which two statements are true when configuring OSPF authentication? (Choose two.)

A.    An OSPF link can support both simple password and MD5 authentication at the same time.
B.    An MD5 password requires a key ID.
C.    You can configure multiple MD5 passwords simultaneously on the same link.
D.    If the MD5 password negotiation fails, you can configure OSPF to automatically use a simple password as a backup.

Answer: BC

Which three statements are true about the BGP community attribute? (Choose three.)

A.    There are three well-known communities.
B.    Communities can be used to signal local preference in other AS networks.
C.    Only well-known communities can be passed between AS networks.
D.    Routing policies can be simplified using BGP communities.
E.    Communities are used in the route selection process.

Answer: ABD

An IS-IS level 1-only router is configured within a larger multilevel hierarchy. Which OSPF area type resembles the routing information in the L1 router’s table?

A.    OSPF default area
B.    OSPF stub area
D.    OSPF NSSA with no summaries

Answer: D

Which statement is true about IS-IS?

A.    IS-IS level 1 internal routes are announced to level 2 by default.
B.    All IS-IS level 1 routes are announced to level 2 by default.
C.    IS-IS level 2 internal routes are announced to level 1 by default.
D.    IS-IS does not share routes between level 1 and level 2 by default.

Answer: A

What does the Junos command advertise-inactive allow?

A.    OSPF inactive routes to be advertised using BGP
B.    inactive and hidden BGP routes to be redistributed into OSPF
C.    the best BGP route to be re-advertised by BGP, even when it is not the best route
D.    the second-best BGP route to be re-advertised by BGP, to back up the best BGP route

Answer: C

An LDP Layer 2 circuit is configured for VPN A and VPN B. Which three statements are true regarding LDP Layer 2 circuit signaling? (Choose three.)

A.    PE-P LDP sessions use Martini encapsulation.
B.    PE-PE LDP sessions can be extended or adjacent.
C.    VRF tables are needed on the PEs.
D.    TCC encapsulation is needed to interconnect different interface types.
E.    The VC type field in the LDP header specifies the encapsulation type.

Answer: BDE
Your are the administrator for a network that uses IS-IS as its IGP. As the network grows, you find that the protocol’s default capabilities for setting metrics is limiting your options. Which feature can you implement to provide a larger range of metric configuration capabilities?

A.    extended metrics
B.    wide metrics
C.    expanded metrics
D.    full metrics

Answer: B

You are monitoring the control plane traffic using a network analyzer on an Ethernet network segment with all routers configured with IS-IS routing. Which two statements are true? (Choose two.)

A.    DIS will send hellos more frequently than other IS-IS devices.
B.    L1 and L2 hellos are combined in a single hello packet.
C.    PSNPs are sent periodically.
D.    Only the DIS will send CSNPs periodically.

Answer: AD

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