2014 Latest 100% Pass Guaranteed Juniper JN0-360 Practice Tests (21-30)

By | April 28, 2014

Click the Exhibit button. In the exhibit, how many full OSPF adjacencies will R3 have?

A.    0
B.    1
C.    2
D.    3

Answer: C

You are asked to design a Layer 2 switched topology that can automatically recover from link failures.
Which type of protocol would you consider in your design?

A.    GSTP
B.    LLDP
C.    LFM
D.    MSTP

Answer: D

Click the Exhibit button. When the Junos configuration shown in the exhibit is applied to the router, which routes in the forwarding table will begin load-balancing packet flows?

A.    all routes in the forwarding table
B.    all OSPF routes in the forwarding table
C.    all BGP routes in the forwarding table
D.    all RFC1918 routes in the forwarding table

Answer: D

You have configured MPLS and RSVP in your network using all of the Junos defaults. You established an LSP in your network which is reporting an up status but no traffic is using it.
Which two statements reflect potential causes for this issue? (Choose two)

A.    The LSP egress address is a physical interface address
B.    family MPLS was omitted from the router configurations
C.    No BGP routes are being advertised from the remote neighbor
D.    The LSP egress address does not match the BGP next-hop address

Answer: CD

Using industry best practices, what is true regarding an external BGP session?

A.    BGP neighbors belong to the same AS
B.    BGP neighbors belong to a different AS
C.    BGP sessions rely on a static route for reach ability
D.    BGP sessions will be established between loopback interface addresses.

Answer: B

You own a home network connecting through an always-on connection and need to assign IPv6 addresses to your routers because you want to follow the guidelines spelled out in RFC 3177. you want to design your network with the correct prefixes.
Which prefix would your ISP likely allocate to your network?

A.    47-bit prefix
B.    48-bit prefix
C.    64-bit prefix
D.    128-bit prefix

Answer: B

Which two BGP attributes are modified by default when they are passed between external BGP peers? (Choose two)

A.    MED
B.    AS-Path
C.    Communities
D.    Next Hop

Answer: BD

Click the Exhibit button. In an RSTP network, the root and designated ports have been elected as shown in the exhibit. What will be the port type of port 1?

A.    backup port
B.    discarding port
C.    alternate port
D.    listening port

Answer: C

Which two statements about BGP are accurate? (Choose two.)

A.    BGP uses UDP port 500 for connectivity.
B.    BGP uses TCP port 179 for connectivity.
C.    External peering sessions require an underlying IGP.
D.    Internal peering sessions require an underlying IGP.

Answer: BD

Which two elements contribute to the bridge ID when configuring RSTP? (Choose 2)

A.    designated MAC address
B.    bridge priority
C.    extended system ID
D.    root ID
E.    bridge address

Answer: AB

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