2014 Latest 100% Pass Guaranteed Oracle 1Z0-584 Exam Questions

By | August 19, 2014

Vendor: Oracle
Exam Code: 1Z0-584
Exam Name: Oracle Fusion Human Capital Management 11g Human Resources Essentials Exam

What Oracle Fusion Middleware features maximize the security of Fusion Applications?

A.    Improved productivity, manageability, and responsibility
B.    Improved extensibility, responsibility, and functionality
C.    Improved productivity, adaptability, and manageability
D.    Improved sustainability, adaptability, and extensibility
E.    Improved adaptability, extensibility, and functionality

Answer: B

You want to display a new field of sensitive data to display salary information. Which security policy controls access to the field displayed by the component?

A.    Function Security Policy
B.    ADF Security expression language
C.    Data Security Polity
D.    Oracle Platform Security Policy

Answer: C

Select the four products offered as part of the Oracle Fusion HCM product family under the business process category of Workforce Development.

A.    Profile Management
B.    Performance & Goal Management
C.    Time and Labor
D.    Talent Review
E.    Network at Work
F.    Learning Management

Answer: ABDF

As a line manager you have 10 direct reports. You have certain work scheduled that needs to be completed in the coming week. You have identified three of your reports to complete the task and you would like to check for their availability in the coming week. Which report will give you a snapshot of their availability?

A.    My Organization
B.    Leave Availability
C.    Worker Availability
D.    Predicted Worker Performance and Attrition

Answer: C

Identify the four business subprocess offered under the workforce Deployment category of the Oracle Fusion HCM family.

A.    Manage Absence
B.    Manage Global Workforce
C.    Manage Worker Performance
D.    Manage Social Networking
E.    Manage Workforce Profiles
F.    Manage Workforce Life Cycle

Answer: ADEF

You are working on Implementing Fusion Human Capital Management. Some of the work structures and need to be configured manually. Enterprise, Business Units, Legal Entities, Reference Sets, and Legislative data Group will be part of this manual setup. Identify the correct sequence of steps to be followed for this setup.

A.    Create Enterprise > Define Business Units > Define Legal Entities > Define Reference Sets > Define Legislative Data Group.
B.    Create Enterprise > Define Legal Entities > Define Business Units > Define Reference Sets > Define Legislative Data Group.
C.    Create Enterprise > Define Business Units > Define Legislative Data Group > Define Legal Entities > Define reference Sets.
D.    Create Enterprise > Define Legal Entities > Define Reference Sets > Define Business Units > Define Legislative Data Group

Answer: B

Identify the two applicable model profiles for workforce structures.

A.    Jobs
B.    Individual worker
C.    Position
D.    Department
E.    Location
F.    Business unit

Answer: AC

What are the three benefits of Oracle Fusion Applications using a Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) system?

A.    enforces the principle of least privilege
B.    segregates duties to be more rigorously enforced
C.    allows principles of assured revocation to be more rigorously enforced
D.    extends the database concept of a grant to applications
E.    uniquely identifies a single person

Answer: ABC

There are two distinct lists of grades that should be available in two separate business units of your organization. During testing, you notice that the lists of grades between the two business units are not per the requirement. Indicate what has gone wrong in the setup.

A.    The grade sets of the two business units have been interchanged
B.    The grade rate of the two business units have been interchanged.
C.    Incorrect grade ladder is attached to the two business units.
D.    All grades are available at enterprise level only.

Answer: A

Your company wants to track the previous employment information for workers, including employer name, dates of employment, and job description. What should you do?

A.    Create a new content type and content item.
B.    Use seeded content type and new content item.
C.    Create a new content type but seeded content item.
D.    Create free-form content type and new content item.
E.    Create free form content type without content item.

Answer: E

You have to compare two jobs. What are the three data sets on which the comparison can be based?

A.    Competencies
B.    Salary
C.    Assignment
D.    Development plans
E.    Potential
F.    Contracts

Answer: ABC

As an HR Administrator, you search for a worker’s record and want to update certain values on the assignment level. Your legal employer has not allowed for an override at the assignment level. However, as an HR Administrator, you are aware that certain values are editable. Identity two options that contain these editable values on the assignment.

A.    Assignment Name, Assignment Number
B.    Job, Location
C.    Assignment Category, Person Type
D.    Assignment Status, Assignment Projected End Date
E.    Assignment Number, Job

Answer: AC

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