Academic Initiative: IBM Tivoli Storage Manager V6.3 Fundamentals

By | April 16, 2014

Vendor: IBM
Exam Code: I2010-579
Exam Name: Academic Initiative: IBM Tivoli Storage Manager V6.3 Fundamentals

A new IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) Backup-Archive client must be set up on a TSM Server. This client requires a new policy with three generations of backups for existing files, two generations of deleted files, and the older generations to be kept for two months. This new client, called NEWCLT, will be part of policy domain POLDOM. Which sequence of commands will accomplish this?


A.    Option A
B.    Option B
C.    Option C
D.    Option D

Answer: B

Which software must be installed to implement journal-based backups in IBM Tivoli Storage Manager V6.3?

A.    Server
B.    Journaler
C.    Server API
D.    Backup-Archive client

Answer: D

All client data has been backed up to the primary pools. What is the recommended flow of data within the storage hierarchy?

A.    The storage pool data is backed up.
B.    The storage pool data is backed up and then migrated and reclaimed.
C.    The storage pool data is migrated to the next pool and then backed up.
D.    The data stays in the pool, and the IBM Tivoli Storage Manager database is backed up

Answer: B

What are three files that are preserved during the IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Windows client upgrade? (Choose three.)

A.    dsm.opt
B.    dsm.sys
C.    tsm.options
D.    dsmerror.log
E.    dsmsched.log
F.    dsmwebcl.out

Answer: ADE

Which two statements are true about a point-in-time restore? (Choose two.)

A.    Point-in-time restores can be performed for image backups and the system state data
for Windows.
B.    Files which were deleted from the client workstation prior to the point-in-time specified
will be restored.
C.    Selective or incremental-by-date backups must be used to restore the state that existed
at a specific date and time.
D.    IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) restores file versions from the most recent backup before
the specified point-in-time date.
E.    If the requested point-in-time restore date and time is prior to the oldest version maintained by
TSM, the object will be restored.

Answer: AD

A client node’s file is bound to a management class that has an archive retention set to one year. The file on that client is archived once a month for one year. At the end of one year how many copies of the archived file exist in IBM Tivoli Storage Manager?

A.    7
B.    12
C.    19
D.    30

Answer: B

Which command creates an IBM Tivoli Storage Manager policy set?

A.    Define policyset my_domain my_policy
B.    Create policyset my_domain my_policy
C.    Activate policyset my_domain my_policy
D.    Create new policyset my_domain my_policy

Answer: A

What are two benefits of an adaptive subfile backup? (Choose two.)

A.    Large backup window
B.    Limited connection time
C.    Incremental forever backup
D.    Longer Windows file retention
E.    Reduced bandwidth requirements

Answer: BE

The customer tells the IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) administrator that a Windows file server has to be upgraded and therefore is put into maintenance. The manager wants to have the data immediately available for restore in the event of problems. What is one of the actions of the TSM administrator?

A.    move data
B.    export node
C.    copy activedata
D.    prepare backupset

Answer: C

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