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By | March 13, 2014

11: A retail business that advertises and markets using traditional print materials has decided to expand its marketing reach and increase revenue by developing an online catalog. Which of the following is the primary objective?
A.Personalizing the site
B.Creating an effective selling tool
C.Creating a visually attractive catalog
D.Converting the existing print catalog into HTML
Correct Answers: B

12: Which of the following describes a root certificate authority (CA)?
A.A CA that cannot be brought offline
B.A CA that has an unlimited validity period
C.A CA that uses LDAP to transmit its credentials to other CAs
D.A CA that signs its own certificate and certifies itself as legitimate
Correct Answers: D

13: Which of the following is often used in place of photo identification and a signature whenever a credit card is used in an e-commerce transaction?
A.Billing address verification
B.The purchaser’s public key
C.Cookies deposited by the site’s shopping cart
D.Information verified by a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) company
Correct Answers: A

14: The certificate authority (CA) cryptographically signs a certificate file with its private key. Anyone can verify the certificate signature with the public key. This is known as:
A.hash encryption.
B.binary-key encryption.
C.symmetric-key encryption.
D.asymmetric-key encryption.
Correct Answers: D

15: What is the name for a tax on goods that are shipped internationally?
B.Sales tax
C.Tax barrier
D.Value-added tax (VAT)
Correct Answers: A

16: What is the result of an e-commerce HTTP server that processes the input queue at a rate equal to or greater than that of incoming requests?
A.A bottleneck occurs.
B.Network bandwidth decreases.
C.The server performs adequately.
D.The site visitor experiences a delay.
Correct Answers: C

17: According to the X.509 (ITU) standard, which of the following is a non-standard certificate field that can contain additional information such as date of birth?
B.Extensions (v3)
C.Subject (User) Name
D.Subject Public-Key Information
Correct Answers: B

18: What aspect of e-commerce marketing most significantly differentiates the use of a niche marketing strategy from that of a global marketing strategy?
A.Advertising media choices
B.Common customer interests
C.Products and/or services offered
D.Geographic distribution of the customers
Correct Answers: B

19: What is the term for using a single secret key to both encrypt and decrypt your data?
A.Hash encryption
B.Binary-key encryption
C.Symmetric-key encryption
D.Asymmetric-key encryption
Correct Answers: C

20: An e-commerce site administrator believes that her site’s security has been compromised. The most important participants of her recovery plan are the Web team, law enforcement and the: department.
B.certificate authority (CA).
C.server software publisher.
D.Internet Service Provider (ISP).
Correct Answers: D

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