Download Free CIW 1D0-525 PDF and VCE Updated Today Part:A (21-30)

By | March 14, 2014

21: Which of the following site creation models would be most appropriate for a site needing customer relationship management (CRM) and personalization?
A.Online instant storefront
B.Mid-level online instant storefront
C.Mid-level offline instant storefront
D.High-level offline instant storefront
Correct Answers: D

22: What is the first step in improving your Web server’s performance?
A.Upgrade the server’s CPU.
B.Upgrade the server’s RAM.
C.Monitor performance and create a baseline.
D.Determine the efficiency of the CGI applications.
Correct Answers: C

23: You have just developed a business-to-consumer (B2C) Web site that sells wetsuits for scuba diving. You want to partner with another company to start a banner ad program. What sort of company would be the most effective choice for a partner?
A.A company that sells canoes and small boats
B.A company that sells wetsuits mainly to surfers
C.A company that sells tanks, masks and snorkels
D.A company that sells a different brand of wetsuits
Correct Answers: C

24: Tom has encountered a problem with the Apache server installation on his company’s server. Because he does not have an immediate solution to the problem, he should contact:
A.the Apache Help desk.
B.the Apache service staff.
C.the Apache live Help service.
D.the Apache user online forum.
Correct Answers: D

25: Which of the following is submitted to identify each person who handles evidence after a site infiltration?
A.Proof of delivery
B.Chain of custody
C.Server status report
D.Authentication record
Correct Answers: B

26: In evaluating the various Web server, database and scripting-language options available for her company, Lindsay notices that Apache server, MySQL and PHP can be:
A.purchased separately.
B.licensed for a maximum of five years. on Microsoft Windows, Linux and Solaris operating systems.
D.easily administered by anyone with no Web application experience.
Correct Answers: C

27: Which of the following is the most effective strategy for conducting an opt-in e-mail marketing campaign?
A.Send e-mail messages once a day to initial contacts for the first two weeks.
B.Send e-mail messages once every two weeks to follow up on an initial contact.
C.Create an executable Java application as an e-mail attachment that describes the company.
D.Create an executable ActiveX application as an e-mail attachment that describes the company.
Correct Answers: B

28: To perform at the maximum level of security, digital certificates must be:
A.guaranteed by VeriSign.
B.issued by a trusted third party.
C.verified digitally by a notary public.
D.issued 30 days before the site goes live.
Correct Answers: B

29: Which of the following is a primary concern when configuring a shopping-cart system?
A.The initial connection cost
B.Compatibility with ODBC and ASP
C.Payment gateway support of SSL/TLS
D.Compatibility with the payment gateway
Correct Answers: D

30: Which of the following can help customers complete purchases more quickly?
A.A well-planned site hierarchy
B.Detailed descriptions of products
C.Product testimonials from other customers
D.An RSS feed directing customers to a site blog
Correct Answers: A

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