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By | March 18, 2014

41: Which of the following describes an effective target-marketing program for a company that sells kayak accessories to distributors?
A.Sending an e-mail advertisement to those who sell kayaks to outdoor enthusiasts
B.Sending an e-mail advertisement to everyone who has indicated an interest in outdoor activities
C.Placing a banner advertisement on a third-party Web site that sells kayaks to outdoor enthusiasts
D.Placing a banner advertisement on a third-party Web site that sells touring packages to the Caribbean
Correct Answers: A

42: Which of the following is a common cause of a buffer overflow?
A.Unchecked data entered into the buffer
B.Unnecessary services running in the buffer
C.Repeated attempts to guess a password stored in the buffer
D.Unexpected SQL statements causing database information to be revealed in the buffer
Correct Answers: A

43: Online credit-card transactions require a payment gateway. Payment gateway software can be installed on your Web server or hosted online. After you install a payment gateway, you must:
A.develop an effective marketing strategy.
B.install the e-commerce database system. and establish a compatible merchant account.
D.configure the gateway to work with your e-commerce server.
Correct Answers: D

44: What information is required to make a customer comfortable with making a purchase?
A.A brief product description
B.A picture with no additional information
C.A detailed description of the product with pictures
D.All supporting documentation for the product or service
Correct Answers: C

45: What are the basic steps for retrieving data for display?
A.Predefine SQL strings, authenticate, format for display.
B.Define the server name, name the database, authenticate the credentials.
C.Connect to a database server, pass the SQL command, retrieve the results.
D.Authenticate to a database server, format for display, retrieve the data results.
Correct Answers: C

46: You are logged on to a Windows system. You suspect a problem with your Oracle database, and want to view the pertinent information related to the problem. What log should you check?
A.Error log
B.Security log
C.Application log
D.Networking log
Correct Answers: C

47: Which of the following is a common design principle for a frequently asked questions (FAQ) page on an e-commerce site?
A.Use frames so that the page can be viewed easily.
B.Keep the page design simple so that it is easy to update quickly.
C.Use dynamically generated HTML so that the page is easy to update quickly.
D.Design the page so that it provides all the information about the company’s products.
Correct Answers: B

48: Tomas receives multiple e-mail notices after he successfully places an online order with a book retailer. What is the customary sequence of order e-mail notices?
A.Order shipped, order processed, order charged to the credit card
B.Order address verified, order shipped, order charged to the credit card
C.Order fulfilled, order processed, order shipped with tracking number assigned
D.Order processed, order status confirmed, order shipped with tracking number
Correct Answers: D

49: Which of the following statements about PayPal is accurate?
A.PayPal does not offer currency conversion for international customers.
B.Your customers will be directed away from your site for payment processing.
C.PayPal does not allow your customers to use major credit cards for purchases.
D.Payment processing uses weak encryption standards and is vulnerable to fraud.
Correct Answers: B

50: Many items can be included in the e-mail order confirmation sent to a customer after an order is completed. What should these items include at a minimum?
A.The date, an order summary and a shipping tracking number
B.A shipping address, an order summary and company contact information
C.Links to more products, product promotions and coupons for future purchases
D.The customer name, the credit card number used and the total credit card charge
Correct Answers: B

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