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By | April 8, 2014

31: Which of the following statements about banner exchange networks is accurate?
A.They are effective only in a B2B environment.
B.They are effective only in a B2C environment.
C.They are most effective in non-profit environments.
D.They are effective in both B2B and B2C environments.
Correct Answers: D

32: Which type of encryption is typically slower to use but does not require a secure channel to function?
A.One-time pad (OTP)
B.Symmetric-key encryption
C.Pretty Good Privacy (PGP)
D.Asymmetric-key encryption
Correct Answers: D

33: Which of the following is most essential when setting a marketing goal for an e-commerce site?
A.The site must complement the company’s direction.
B.The site must conform to the latest technical standards.
C.The site must support efforts to improve customer service.
D.The site must conform to the latest accessibility standards.
Correct Answers: A

34: Which of the following can help customers complete purchases more quickly?
A.A well-planned site hierarchy
B.Detailed descriptions of products
C.Product testimonials from other customers
D.An RSS feed directing customers to a site blog
Correct Answers: A

35: Which of the following is true of high-level offline storefronts?
A.They require the greatest amount of expertise to use properly.
B.They use only proprietary encryption and data-formatting standards.
C.They require the site to be taken offline whenever a change is made.
D.They are not designed to support business-to-business (B2B) needs.
Correct Answers: A

36: Which of the following statements about Secure Electronic Transactions (SET) is correct?
A.SET was designed to replace SSL.
B.Four protocols were merged to form SET.
C.The SET protocol has gained wide market acceptance.
D.With SET, the merchant does not know the user account number.
Correct Answers: D

37: Which of the following most completely describes a Sharable Content Object (SCO)?
A.An asset described by metadata
B.A system that centrally stores assets
C.A Rich Site Summary (RSS) that aggregates content
D.A Java applet or ActiveX control that aggregates and sequences data
Correct Answers: A

38: A large company with an adequate staff and funding wants to implement an e-commerce storefront. Which of the following methods would be most suitable for this company?
A.Online solution
B.Offline solution
C.Instant storefront
D.In-house solution
Correct Answers: D

39: Which of the following is the most effective way to build community with your online storefront?
A.Provide a quantity discount.
B.Create an incentive-based program.
C.Accept several different payment options.
D.Generate an automatic order confirmation.
Correct Answers: B

40: Most Web sites that use online advertising can be divided into two site categories based on how the sites benefit from the advertising. What are these two e-commerce site categories?
A.Referrer sites and marketer sites
B.Referrer sites and publisher sites
C.Publisher sites and marketer sites
D.Marketer sites and advertising sites
Correct Answers: C

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