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By | August 30, 2014

Vendor: Symantec
Exam Code: 250-316
Exam Name: Administration of Symantec Backup Exec 2012

Which Symantec Backup Exec 2012 troubleshooting tool should an end user use before contacting Symantec for additional support?

A.    VxGather
B.    Collect Debug Output
C.    Symantec Backup Exec Support Tool
D.    BEDiag

Answer: C

Which tool should be used to collect debug logs for a failing backup of a remote server?

A.    BEUtility.exe
B.    Ramcmd.exe
C.    VxMon.exe
D.    SGMon.exe

Answer: D

An administrator needs to restore a mailbox to an Exchange 2010 Database Availability Group. Which server must have an installed Agent for Windows in order to restore from a GRT enabled backup of Exchange?

A.    the Edge Transport server
B.    the Active Mailbox server
C.    the Client Access server
D.    the Passive Mailbox server

Answer: C

An administrator needs to restore multiple emails from a GRT enabled backup of Exchange to a file. Which file format will be created?

A.    .MSG
B.    .CAB
C.    .PST
D.    .OST

Answer: C

A user requests the restore of files from the backup of a different server. The administrator performs a redirected restore to the user’s folder. Which "Restore site list and item level permissions" option must the administrator select so the user can use the restored files?

A.    restore only the NTFS permissions
B.    restore files with the NTFS permissions of the destination folder
C.    restore files without their NTFS permissions
D.    restore files with their NTFS partitions

Answer: C

Which two behaviors of the Symantec Backup Exec 2012 Agent for Applications and Databases apply to Microsoft Active Directory? (Select two.)

A.    It is installed as a separate add-on component.
B.    Windows Active Directory database can be backed up while online.
C.    It is a system service that runs on remote Windows servers where active directory is installed.
D.    Granular restore of individual Active Directory objects and attributes is unsupported.
E.    It requires Agent for Windows to be running on the domain controller.

Answer: BE

An administrator plans to use Symantec Backup Exec 2012 data deduplication capabilities to protect a Hyper-V environment. The administrator needs to leverage client-side deduplication and image-based backups of the Hyper-V virtual machines. How does Symantec Backup Exec 2012 accomplish this task?

A.    The Agent for Windows installed on the Hyper-V host performs client-side deduplication.
B.    Backup data is deduplicated "in flight" during transport to the Symantec Backup Exec server.
C.    Hyper-V virtual machines use the .VHD format for virtual disks, which is deduplicated by definition.
D.    The PureDisk client installed to the Hyper-V secondary server performs client-side deduplication.

Answer: A

An administrator needs to use the Agent for VMware and Hyper-V to protect a VMware virtual machine hosting Microsoft Exchange. The administrator needs to restore granular application objects, such as emails, from the backup sets that are captured from the virtual machine hosting Exchange. Which action should the administrator take before configuring a backup definition for the virtual machine hosting Exchange?

A.    run the Exchange optimizer utility
B.    manually install VMware tools on the virtual machine
C.    install the Agent for Windows on the virtual machine hosting Exchange
D.    manually truncate Exchange transaction logs
Answer: C

Which two options are supported by the Checkpoint Restart feature of Symantec Backup Exec 2012? (Select two.)

A.    FAT32 volumes
B.    NTFS volumes
C.    Linux computers
D.    Cluster Shared Volumes (CSV)
E.    VSS

Answer: BE

A job runs with a custom error-handling rule in addition to the default error-handing rule. What will happen?

A.    The custom error-handling rule will apply.
B.    The default error-handling rule will apply.
C.    The job will fail.
D.    The administrator will be prompted to select the rule.

Answer: A

Which Symantec Backup Exec 2012 default global scheduling option allows jobs to be cancelled without manual intervention?

A.    job auto cancel after ‘x’ hours after its scheduled start time
B.    kill the job if it is still running ‘x’ hours after its scheduled start time
C.    terminate the job if it is still running ‘x’ hours if no data has incremented
D.    cancel the job if it is still running ‘x’ hours after its scheduled start time

Answer: D

In Symantec Backup Exec 2012, scheduled convert to virtual jobs can be configured to support which two sources? (Select two.)

A.    all differential backups
B.    all full backups
C.    most recent snap
D.    last incremental with changed block tracking enabled
E.    most recent full backup

Answer: BE

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