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By | April 19, 2014

Vendor: IBM
Exam Code: C2180-401
Exam Name: IBM WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment V8.5.5, System Administration

A system administrator was asked by the development team to inform them of any warning message which contains a string “Connection” on a WebSphere Application Server with High Performance Extensible Logging (HPEL) enabled. What should system administrator do to continuously monitor logs for the required message?

A.    Configure log detail levels to include filter on “Connection” string.
B.    Use the Log Viewer in the administrative console with filter on “Connection” string.
C.    Use the or logviewer.bat command with appropriate options.
D.    Use the Log Viewer in the administrative console with filter on “Connection” string and enable the ‘Refresh automatically’ feature.

Answer: C

Which statement is accurate regarding business-level applications?

A.    A business-level application contains application binary files.
B.    Only WebSphere artifacts are contained in a business-level application.
C.    The business-level application function introduces new application programming interfaces (APIs).
D.    Make a Java EE application a business-level application and add it to another business-level application.

Answer: D

A system administrator created multiple production cells for a company. Each cell contains multiple clustered application servers. The administrator needs to configure an external HTTP server to route requests to the multiple cells. How can the system administrator configure a web server to route traffic to multiple unrelated cells?

A.    Run the pluginMerge script.
B.    Configure the plugin to use multiple plugin configuration files.
C.    Generate a plugin configuration file using the deployment manager.
D.    Use the WebSphere Customization Toolkit to create a customized plugin configuration.

Answer: A

A system administrator is using wsadmin scripts to perform product configuration. The command connects to a target server by specifying the connection type (SOAP), target server, port number and script file. The scripts have been successfully tested in a standalone environment. But, after the node is federated, the updates made are only visible for a limited amount of time. What should the system administrator do to fix this problem?

A.    wsadmin should target node agent.
B.    Verify that deployment manager is set as the target server.
C.    After running wsadmin, a syncNode command should be run.
D.    Ensure that the deployment manager and node agents are synchronized before running the script.

Answer: B

A system administrator is concerned about the stability of a new application deployment. The administrator wishes to utilize Intelligent Management to ensure at least two application servers are running at all times. How should the system administrator do this?

A.    Create a static cluster of two WebSphere Application Servers instances.
B.    Create a dynamic cluster with a minimum number of three cluster instances.
C.    Create a health management policy to restart the application server in the event of excessive memory usage.
D.    Configure an On-demand Router (ODR) to route requests to a static cluster of two WebSphere Application Server instances.

Answer: B

A system administrator suspects that the web server plug-in is not configured correctly causing errors when attempting to access a Java servlet. Which component can the system administrator access directly to by-pass the plug-in and ensure the application is functional?

A.    Web container
B.    HTTP web server
C.    Deployment manager
D.    Enterprise Java Beans (EJB) container

Answer: A

A system administrator is creating data source for a configured JDBC provider using administrative console. The system administrator needs to write a wsadmin Jython script to create data source in an automated way in the future. Which feature in administrative console will help the system administrator to view wsadmin commands during creation of the data source?

A.    Help portlet after creating the data source.
B.    Help portlet after creating the JDBC provider.
C.    Command assistance feature after creating the data source.
D.    Command assistance feature after creating the JDBC provider.

Answer: C

A lightweight development environment for running a new web application that does not require the full Java EE stack has to be built. A system administrator decides to use a Liberty Profile and needs a Liberty Profile runtime to create the server and deploy the new application on it. Which tools could the system administrator use to create the runtime? (choose 2)

A.    Install Verification Tool
B.    Profile Management Tool
C.    IBM Installation Manager
D.    WebSphere Customization Tool
E.    WebSphere Application Server Developer Tool (WDT)

Answer: CE

A new system administrator is working on a script to retrieve specific configuration information from every server in a WebSphere Application Server cell for a new report being created. One of the first things the script will need to do is determine which servers are in the cell. After spending several hours writing complex scripting to determine which servers are in the cell, a colleague shares with the new administrator a one line command that returns a list of all the servers contained in the cell. Which wsadmin object was introduced to the new system administrator by the colleague?

A.    AdminApp
B.    AdminTask
C.    AdminConfig
D.    AdminControl

Answer: B

A system administrator needs to configure the administrative console such that the changes made by one user are seen by another user when both are logged in at the same time. Which setting in the console preferences should the system administrator select to achieve this?

A.    Enable synchronize changes
B.    Enable automatic refresh of workspace
C.    Disable synchronize changes
D.    Disable automatic refresh of workspace

Answer: B

Jython scripts have to be created for common administrative tasks using the IBM Assembly and Deploy Tool (IADT). For each task performed through the administrative console, a system administrator needs to redirect the Jython commands into the IADT to quickly create these scripts.
How should the system administrator do this?

A.    Disable the help portlet
B.    Disable workspace automatic refresh
C.    Log Command assistance commands
D.    Enable Command assistance notifications

Answer: D

A system administrator has just built a WebSphere Application Server node to replace a node lost to disk failure. The system administrator wishes to reincorporate this node into the existing WebSphere Application Server cell and use the prior configuration information. Unfortunately, the backup of the cell is extremely out of date. What should the system administrator use to accomplish this task?

A.    wsadmin
B.    addNode
C.    wsimport
D.    manageprofiles

Answer: B

A system administrator needs to install IBM Installation Manager on a remote host using Flexible management. To do so, on which host machine should the system administrator download the Installation Manager “kits”? (choose 2)

A.    Job Manager
B.    Remote host
C.    On Demand Router
D.    Administrative Agent
E.    Deployment Manager

Answer: AE

A system administrator needs to add a file to update an already deployed application using the monitored directory deployment feature. How should the system administrator do this?

A.    Add a file to the root of the monitoredDeployableApps directory.
B.    Create a wsadmin script and add it to the monitoredDeployableApps directory.
C.    Create a properties file and include it in the EAR’s deploymentProperties directory.
D.    Create a properties file and copy it to the monitoredDeployableApps/deploymentProperties directory.

Answer: D

A system administrator observed a decreased performance of a web application. During investigation, the system administrator found that there were frequent garbage collections. A WebSphere Application Server is running on 32-bit platform with 8GB of memory, and with default settings for the JVM. What does the system administrator need to change to improve performance?

A.    Change the garbage collection policy to “balanced”.
B.    Increase the JVM maximum and the initial heap size.
C.    Increase the JVM maximum heap size and use the “balanced” garbage collection policy.
D.    Update the operating system parameters to make more memory available for the JVM.

Answer: B

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