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By | April 25, 2014

How can an administrator restart all services for Provisioning Server when attempting to troubleshoot an issue within a Provisioning Server environment?

A.    Stop the SOAP service
B.    Run the Configuration Wizard
C.    Restart the Provisioning Server Console
D.    Remove the Provisioning Servers from the bootstrap file

Answer: B

Which command must an administrator use to create a target device entry using the MCLI?

A.    mcli add device /r
B.    mcli add targetdevice /r
C.    mcli auto add devicename /r
D.    mcli auto add targetdevicename /r

Answer: A

How can an administrator determine which vDisk is in use by a target device?

A.    Right-click the vDisk and check the Properties
B.    Right-click the vDisk pool and check the Status tab
C.    Double-click the target device and check the Status tab
D.    Double-click the device collection and check the Properties

Answer: C

In which scenario would an administrator modify configurations in the Server Properties?

A.    The server port range needs to be increased
B.    Target devices need to be added to the server
C.    An Active Directory account needs to be removed
D.    Additional vDisks need to be created for high availability on the server

Answer: A

Scenario: An administrator needs to add additional target devices that are on a vLAN network. The administrator plans to use BOOTP to boot these target devices remotely. Which step must the administrator take when creating these additional target devices so that they work correctly?

A.    Create the target devices using the target device template.
B.    Create an entry for each device in the BOOTPTAB database.
C.    Configure the BOOTP service for automatic target device creation.
D.    Configure the boot behavior on the target devices using the Management API.

Answer: B

An administrator can add multiple Provisioning Servers to a bootstrap file manually using the __________ or automatically using the __________. (Choose the correct set of options to complete the sentence.)

A.    CLI, Management API
B.    Management API, Provisioning Server Console
C.    Configure Bootstrap window, Configuration Wizard
D.    Provisioning Server Console, Configuration Wizard

Answer: C

An administrator can only modify cache size when changing the __________ and __________. (Choose the two correct phrases to complete the sentence.)

A.    vDisk to private image mode
B.    vDisk to standard image mode
C.    cache type to server-based disk cache
D.    cache type to target device-based RAM cache

Answer: BD

Scenario: An administrator updates a vDisk accessed by users in the Human Resources (HR) department. Now, the administrator needs to shut down only the target devices used by the HR employees in order for the update to take effect. Currently, the HR department’s target devices belong to a device collection that is shared by other target devices used in the organization. Which two steps does the administrator need to take to shut down only the HR target devices? (Choose two.)

A.    Create a view for the HR target devices
B.    Create a vDisk pool for the HR target devices
C.    Right click the HR view, select the Shutdown devices option
D.    Right click the device collection and select Shutdown devices

Answer: AC

Scenario: An administrator is in the process of updating a vDisk. The last thing the administrator needs to do is increase the version number of the updated vDisk. Where must the administrator go to increase the version number?

A.    Store properties
B.    Server properties
C.    vDisk file properties
D.    vDisk update properties

Answer: C

Which two actions should an administrator take to configure high availability in a Provisioning Server farm? (Choose two.)

A.    Run the Configuration Wizard
B.    Edit the target device properties
C.    Restart the Streaming Service account
D.    Choose up to four servers within the farm

Answer: AD

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