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By | August 11, 2014

Vendor: LPI
Exam Code: 117-102
Exam Name: LPI Level 1 Exam 102, Junior Level Linux Certification, Part 2 of 2

Within smb. conf, which security setting will NOT require that a client connect using a valid usernarne and password before connecting to a shared resource?

A.    security = user
B.    security=share
C.    security = server
D.    security=guest

Answer: B

To prevent users from seeing who is logged in with the who command, you must remove the world readable bit from the file /var/run/____.
Answer: utmp

Which command is used to display user resource limits?

A.    uname
B.    limit -a
C.    usrlmt
D.    ulimit

Answer: D

Your department decided to change the Gnome Display Manager’s greeting. What configuration file should you edit?

A.    /etc/gnome/greeting
B.    /opt/gnome/share/greeting
C.    /etc/X11/gmd.conf
D.    /etc/X11/gdm/Init/Default

Answer: D

You want to make the directory /home/tess available via NFS. Which option do you have to use to grant read permission for the root user on the NFS mounted file system?

A.    no_root_squash
B.    root_squash
C.    root(rw)
D.    For safety, the NFS protocol does not allow this

Answer: A

Which of the following commands is used to restore files from backups made with dump?

A.    extract
B.    cpio -d
C.    restore
D.    udump

Answer: C

You found these lines in the modules.dep file:
Which of the following is true?

A.    The msdos module is dependent upon fat.
B.    The fat and msdos modules cannot be loaded manually.
C.    The fat and msdos modules are automatically loaded at startup.
D.    The fat module is a submodule to the msdos module.

Answer: A

Your senior systems administrator asks you to set up a new machine with Apache listening on port 8088.
Which Apache config file would you edit to change the default port to 8088?

A.    httpd.conf
B.    srm.conf
C.    access.conf
D.    inet.conf

Answer: A

Which command would you use to apply the changes in a diff file to your existing kernel source?

A.    up2date
B.    patch
C.    rpm
D.    dpkg
E.    diff

Answer: B

Which of the following commands can be used to customize all kernel compilation options? (Choose Three)

A.    make config
B.    make menuconfig
C.    make xconfig
D.    make kernelconfig
E.    make configure

Answer: ABC

When an Apache server is configured to provide 10 spare server processes, which kind of website would it typically serve?

A.    A low-to-moderate volume website
B.    A website for no more than 10 users
C.    A high volume web site
D.    A one-user volume website

Answer: A

The normal way of starting your Apache server would be the command:

A.    apachectl start
B.    http -start
C.    inetd apache
D.    apachestart -n
E.    apache start

Answer: A

You are a junior administrator of a high-traffic production web server. Which of the following commands would you run to restart the Apache web service without aborting existing connections?

A.    apachectl reload
B.    apachectl restart
C.    apachectl -k stop; apachectl start
D.    apachectl graceful
E.    /etc/init.d/httpd reload

Answer: D

Which of the following PPP authentication protocols never sends a password in the clear?

A.    PAM
B.    PAP
C.    PGP
D.    CHAP

Answer: D

When using PAP with PPP, the /etc/ppp/pap-secrets file must be

A.    world-readable
B.    readable only by the ppp user
C.    readable only by root
D.    readable and executable by user root and group ppp

Answer: C

In the output of iptables -L -n is the line ACCEPT all – – listed under the INPUT chain.
What does this line mean?

A.    That all traffic from to is explicitly allowed
B.    TCP traffic to with all of the TCP flags is allowed
C.    All traffic from to anywhere is allowed
D.    The ACCEPT chain is responsible for all traffic from to

Answer: C

You are working on a non graphical shell. What command would you use to configure the kernel
using a menu system.
Type the command and its argument(s):
Answer: make menuconfig

You just configured a kernel and now you want to check the dependencies.
Please enter the command and its argument(s).
Answer: make dep

In order to bypass print filters using lpr, which of following switches should be used:

A.    lpr -o nofilter
B.    lpr -l
C.    lpr -o raw
D.    lpr -r

Answer: B

Which THREE statements about crontab are true?

A.    Every user may have their own crontab.
B.    Changing a crontab requires a reload/restart of the cron deamon.
C.    The cron daemon reloads crontab files automatically when necessary.
D.    hourly is the same as "0 * * * *".
E.    A cron daemon must run for each existing crontab.

Answer: ACD

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