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By | July 19, 2014

Vendor: Avaya
Exam Code: 3001
Exam Name: Avaya IP Office Configuration and Maintenance Exam

A customer has an IP500v2 and would like the ability to monitor the IP Office system resources from anywhere in the network. Which two will allow thorn to do this? (Choose two.)

A.    System Status Application
B.    Telnet session to the IP Office
C.    Web session to the IP Office address
D.    SSH session to the IP Office address

Answer: AC

After an IP Office upgrade, the customer reports that "Please Wait" continuously appears on the 5420 DS telephone. What will resolve the problem?

A.    Start the IP Office Manager application.
B.    The 5420 DS is corrupted and must be replaced.
C.    If IP Office does not restart correctly. Power-off and power-on IP Office and the problem will be
D.    The CCR lost connection to IP Office. Wait until the LED on the CCR status turns green again and
the telephone will start to work.

Answer: A

On the IP Office SIP line, the customer has marked the Network Topology to "None". The IP Office STUN program is run on IP Office LAN1 and the results show "Symmetric Firewall" on LAN2. How would IP Office route SIP calls?

A.    SIP Calls will be routed by the IP Office NAT table.
B.    SIP Calls will be routed by the IP Office routing table.
C.    SIP calls will be routed on LAN 1 because "Symmetric Firewall" provides "Security".
D.    SIP calls will be routed on I AN 2 because "Open Internet" is a direct connection to the Internet.

Answer: B

Which line must be added to the 46vpnsetting.txt file to inform 4600 Series VPN remote telephones to use IP Office licensing?

A.    SET AUTH 0
C.    SET PHNIC 011
D.    SET LIC 1

Answer: B

Before attempting to connect an IP Office to a one-X?Portal server, which settings must you check?

A.    User Rights
B.    Hunt Group Settings
C.    Security Settings
D.    Time Profiles

Answer: C

A customer wants to deploy 9600 series IP telephones to all desktops. The desktop computers have 10/100 Ethernet interfaces and will connect to the telephones
Which two options would meet the minimum requirements? (Choose two.)

A.    Category 5 cabling
B.    Twisted Pair cabling
C.    100 Mbps managed switch
D.    GbE unmanaged switch
E.    DSL router

Answer: AC

If ISDN/PRI calls are getting dropped, which tool should be used to troubleshoot the issue?

A.    Debug Manager on DTE port
B.    System Monitor with default filters
C.    System Monitor with ISDN L3 filter options enabled
D.    SSA Snapshot

Answer: C

A customer wants to implement a converged solution with the IP Office and VoiceMail Pro. The
customer wants to be able to receive Voice Mail messages in Outlook, have the ability to save the .wav files, and receive voice mail notifications when a message in left. The customer does not want to install any software in the organization’s client PCs.
Which application would satisfy the customer’s requirement?

A.    Message Manager
B.    Voicemail Pro with IMS
C.    Voicemail Pro with UMS
D.    Unified Messaging
E.    Outcalling

Answer: C

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