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By | September 6, 2013

Developing Enterprise Mobile Applications with IBM Worklight and IBM WebSphere Portal: LOT-404 Exam
LOT-404 Questions & Answers
Exam Code: LOT-404
Exam Name: Developing Enterprise Mobile Applications with IBM Worklight and IBM WebSphere Portal
Q & A: 125 Q&As

What functionality does the IBM Worklight Server provide when Worklight and IBM WebSphere
Portal are used together?
A. The Worklight Server is not used in the architecture.
B. The Worklight Server provides push notifications for the application.
C. The Worklight Server handles all data connections for the application.
D. The Worklight Server must be installed on the same server as WebSphere Portal.
Answer: B

Which is a true statement regarding Responsive Web Design (RWD) and IBM WebSphere
A. A web application using RWD can be published to all supported appstores.
B. A hybrid or native application is needed in order to be able to support RWD concepts.
C. RWD itself is a practical solution to the shifting landscape of devices and screen sizes.
D. Accessing native features of a device is not possible when using RWD with WebSphere Portal.
Answer: C

Which event listener is used in an IBM WebSphere Portal theme to detect if a page is loaded on a
mobile device?
A. isWebView
B. isMobileDevice
C. onDeviceReady
D. onMobileDevice
Answer: C

Which three needs can be met with an IBM Worklight-only application approach? (Choose three.)
A. offline use
B. app store presence
C. authentication management
D. access to mobile native features
E. use of existing IBM WebSphere Portal environment
F. personalization driven by IBM Web Content Manager content
Answer: ABD

IBM WorkLight Studio is supported and can be installed on which operating systems?
A. Windows
B. Windows, Mac OS, Linux
C. Microsoft Windows, Linux
D. Linux, Mac OS, Windows, Android
Answer: B

Where is the correct place to define a Responsive Web Design breakpoint, for example @media
screen, in order to handle the different device sizes on the devices browser?
A. on the default.jsp of the portal theme
B. in the JavaScript of the web container of the mobile device
C. only in hybrid mobile applications can breakpoints be defined
D. in the CSS of the theme for the IBM WebSphere Portal server
Answer: D

Mary plans to develop hybrid or native mobile applications with IBM Worklight, specifically for iOS
devices. What will she need to do to accomplish this?
A. She must install IBM Worklight on an iOS device.
B. She must be a part of the iOS developer program, so that the use of Xcode is optional.
C. She must download Xcode, which is an Apple IDE for developing iOS and Mac applications.
D. As long as Xcode is used, iOS applications can be developed on any modern operating system (Windows,
Linux, Mac OS).
Answer: C

Which two statements are true regarding the IBM Worklight API? (Choose two.)
A. The Worklight API does not allow a developer to pass data from native to web or web to native.
B. Worklight provides a native API to communicate with the Worklight Server from the native page.
C. The Worklight API only allows a developer to pass data from native to web but not web to native.
D. The Worklight API only allows a developer to pass data from web to native but not native to web.
E. The Worklight API allows navigation to native pages and back, including the passing of data back and forth.
Answer: BE

Which API is used to create a REST interface?
C. JSR 168
D. JSR 286
Answer: B

Christine has created an IBM Web Experience Factory project and would like to add the
Multichannel Feature Pack for Web Experience Factory 8.0 to her project. How can she
accomplish this?
A. Install the Web Experience Factory Fix Pack.
B. Modify the file and set the attribute enableMultiChannel=”true”.
C. Modify the file and set the attribute enableMultiChannel=”true”.
D. Right-click on the Web Experience Factory project and select the Import > Web Experience Factory
Archive command.
Answer: D

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