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By | December 8, 2016

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Which approach will resonate with your customer regarding using video for travel reduction?

A.    Video can be used while you travel.
B.    Video eliminates 100 percent of travel costs.
C.    Targeting internal travel can help customers focus on reducing up to 20 percent of current travel costs.
D.    Video reduces travel.

Answer: C

Which option describes the Cisco DX80?

A.    Codes and integrator system for integrating audio/visual and large rooms
B.    Desktop system for use at the office and home office
C.    Soft client that can be loaded on a computer or laptop, smartphone, or tablet
D.    IP video phone for use at the office and home office
E.    Collaboration room system for conference rooms and offices

Answer: B

Which statement describes a difference between the TX9000 and the TX9200?

A.    The TX9000 supports SIP and the TX9200 supports H.323.
B.    The TX9000 has a single row of seating and the TX9200 has two rows of seating
C.    The TX9000 has a single screen and the TX9200 has three screens.
D.    The TX9000 supports H 264 and the TX9200 supports H 265.

Answer: B

Which function does Cisco Jabber Guest offer to users?

A.    Communication with external guests through a Microsoft tablet.
B.    Communication with external guests through a web browser.
C.    Connection to external guests through Microsoft Lync.
D.    Firewall traversal.

Answer: B

Which option contributes to the market leadership that Cisco enjoys?

A.    Android technology
B.    broad end-to-end communications solutions portfolio.
C.    Internet of Things
D.    partnerships with competitor

Answer: B

What is the size of the video market in 20 14?

A.    $ 500 million
B.    $ 3.2 billion
C.    $ 2 trillion
D.    $ 20 trillion

Answer: B

Which product sits outside the firewall?

A.    Cisco Expressway Core.
B.    Cisco VCS Control.
C.    Cisco Unified Communications Manager.
D.    Cisco Expressway edge.

Answer: D

Which two abilities does intelligent Proximity offer to users? (Choose two)

A.    Only view what is currently being shared.
B.    Easily view shared materials.
C.    Save slides
D.    Pair supported Cisco endpoints with windows smartphones or tablets only.
E.    Pair supported Cisco endpoints with Android smartphones or tablets only.

Answer: BC

Which product is used for H 323 video registration?

A.    Cisco Tele presence content Server.
B.    Cisco Tele Presence management Suite.
C.    Cisco Tele Presence Server.
D.    Cisco VCS Control.

Answer: D

Which two room systems support Speaker Track 60? (Choose Iwo.)

A.    MX950
B.    MX800
C.    MX700
D.    MX300 G2
E.    MX200 G2

Answer: BC

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