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By | December 13, 2016

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Which two high-availability deployment modes support FirePOWER services? (Choose two.)

A.    monitor mode
B.    clustering
C.    active/standby
D.    multicontext
E.    active/active

Answer: BC

Which FireSIGHT Management Center appliance is required to support up to 100 managed devices?

A.    4000
B.    2000
C.    750
D.    500

Answer: A

Which activity leads to better network visibility?

A.    adding time stamps to log events
B.    enabling all IPS signatures
C.    adding user context to events
D.    forwarding all events to a syslog server

Answer: C

What is the maximum number of Cisco ASA 5585-X appliances that are supported in a cluster?

A.    16
B.    8
C.    2
D.    20

Answer: A

With which hardware option must Cisco ASA models below the 5585-X be sold to support FirePOWER services?

A.    SSP module
B.    FireSIGHT Management Center
C.    SSD
D.    FirePOWER services bundle

Answer: A

Which three FirePOWER services features require a subscription license? (Choose three.)

A.    IPS
B.    AVC
C.    URL filtering
D.    high availability
E.    AMP
F.    identity visibility

Answer: ACE

Detection of an exploit kit that is installed on a device is an example of which loC event category?

A.    firewall
B.    malware
C.    security intelligence
D.    IPS

Answer: D

Which performance factor is most relevant to traffic that is destined to a data center’?

A.    focused on Internet edge traffic
B.    smaller, fast transactions such as HTTP
C.    more likelihood of malicious traffic requiring more logging
D.    focused on internal traffic

Answer: A

Which FirePOWER services deployment mode is recommended for customer evaluations?

A.    IDS
B.    Inline
C.    Monitor-Only
D.    SPAN

Answer: C

How is traffic forwarded from the Cisco ASA to the FirePOWER services module for analysis?

A.    The SFR is transparent and automatically sees all traffic.
B.    A service policy redirects traffic from the Cisco ASA packet-processing path to the SFR
C.    The SFR has a dedicated data interface
D.    The SFR is a standalone appliance that is inserted inline in the data path

Answer: B

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