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Which ESA function maintains a set of rules that control incoming connections from remote hosts for a listener?

A.    LDAP
B.    HAT
C.    VEST
D.    Sender group
E.    RAT

Answer: B

By default, the outgoing mail will be scanned by which one of the following?

A.    Reputation Filters
B.    Anti-Virus
C.    Anti-Spam
D.    Outbreak Filters

Answer: B

Which of the following vendors produce Anti-Virus engines for the C-Series? (Choose two.)

A.    Symantec
B.    TrendMicro
C.    BrightMail
D.    Sophos
E.    MCAfee

Answer: DE

During which stage in a mail flow on a Cisco Email Security Appliance does content filtering occur?

A.    Reputation filtering (SBRS) > message filters > antispam > antivirus > content filter > mail policies
B.    Reputation filtering (SBRS) > message filters > mail policies > antispam > antivirus > content filter
C.    Reputation filtering (SBRS) > message filters > content filter > mail policies > antispam > antivirus
D.    Reputation filtering (SBRS) > mail policies > message filters > antispam > antivirus > content filter

Answer: D

When the Cisco ESA is configured to use Centralized Message Tracking, which default port is used between the device and the Cisco Security Management Appliance?

A.    port 53/UDP
B.    port 80/UDP
C.    port 23/TCP
D.    port 25/UDP
E.    port 22/TCP

Answer: E

When saving a configuration file that will be reloaded into the appliance, which one of the following must be changed before saving?

A.    Unmask the password strings
B.    Shut down the mail listeners
C.    Clustered systems must be un-clustered
D.    Feature key strings must be recorded

Answer: A

Which default port is used by the Cisco ESA to quarantine the message on the Cisco Security Management Appliance?

A.    port 25fTCP
B.    port110/TCP
C.    port443/TCP
D.    port 6025/TCP
E.    port4766/UDP

Answer: D

Which statement describes how the Cisco Email Security Appliance connects to these hosts if multiple LDAP servers are specified for a single profile?

A.    Load balancing or failover operation is configurable in the LDAP server profile.
B.    It load balances or fails over depending on the LDAP server priority value.
C.    It fails over in the order listed.
D.    It load balances connections among all hosts listed.

Answer: A

Which of the following security features are enabled for incoming mail by default? (Choose three.)

A.    McAfee Anti- Virus
B.    IronPort Anti-Spam
C.    Bounce verification
D.    Sophos Anti-Virus
E.    Outbreak filters

Answer: BDE

Which two network topologies can be configured on the Cisco C170 appliance? (Choose two.)

A.    The Data 1 interface is configured with one public listener.
The Data 2 interface is configured with a private listener.
Management access is performed through a third Ethernet interface that is dedicated to management.
B.    The Data 1 and Data 2 interfaces in a NIC pairing configuration support one public listener, management,
and a relay list.
C.    The Data 1 interface is configured with one public listener, management, and a relay list.
The Data 2 interface is not used
D.    The Data 1 interface is configured with one public listener.
The Data 2 interface is configured with a private listener.Management is on either interface.

Answer: CD

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