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Which protocol is used in the ACI fabric for topology discovery?

A.    Equal-cost multipath
B.    Link layer discovery protocol
C.    Cisco discovery protocol
D.    Link aggregation control protocol

Answer: B
The APIC startup topology auto discovery, automated configuration, and infrastructure addressing uses these industry-standard protocols: Intermediate System-to-Intermediate System (IS-IS), Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP), and Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP).

Which twooptionsdescribefunctionsof the Councilof OraclesProtocol?(Choose two.)

A.    COOP updatesthe addressesof all hoststhat are attachedto the ACI fabric.
B.    COOP enables APIC mapping, VMM mapping DHCP forwardingARP/GARPlearning and data plane learning.
C.    COOP ensures all spine nodes maintain a consistent copy of endpoint addresses.
D.    COOP maintains the distributed hashtable repository of endpoint identity-to-location mappings.

Answer: CD

Which aspect of an endpoint group contract is optional?

A.    Action
B.    Subject
C.    filter
D.    label

Answer: D
Labels, which are used optionally to group objects such as subjects and EPGs for the purpose of further defining policy enforcement 

Whichaspectof thefabric defines the communication between endpoint groups?

A.    Contracts
B.    Endpointgroups
C.    Applicationnetworkprofiles
D.    Bridge domains

Answer: C
ACI Application Network Profiles are the grouping of one or more EPGs and the policies that define how they communicate. 

Which logical separator is applied to trafficadministration visibilityand other operational aspects of the ACI fabric?

A.    endpoint group
B.    application network policy
C.    Layer 2 through Layer 7 network policies of the application.
D.    Tenant
E.    contract

Answer: D
Tenant – Logical separator for: Customer, BU, group etc. separates traffic, admin, visibility, etc.

Which two statements describe how an attachable entity profile policy enables external connectivity? (Choosetwo.)

A.    Associates internal VLAN pools to internal domains.
B.    Associates external domains to attachment points.
C.    Provides VLAN pool scope and maps external domains to leaf ports.
D.    Provides VLAN mapping to physical spine ports.
E.    Associates external VLAN pools to external VMM domains.

Answer: BC

Which REST operationsare supportedin the ACIfabric?

A.    Post,Get,Delete
B.    Filter, Post,Get
C.    Label,Filter,Post
D.    Get, Label, filter

Answer: A
The API supports HTTP POST, GET, and DELETE request methods.

Which two tables are stored on the leaf switch of an ACI fabric? (Choose two.)

A.    proxy station table
B.    local station table
C.    tenant station table
D.    global station table

Answer: BD
When the ingress leaf switch receives the frame, it learns the source MAC and source IP and programs them into the local station table. The leaf switch derives the source EPG based on the VLAN ID or VXLAN VNID. The MAC and IP addresses in the local station table also contain the EPG information and they can be used to derive EPG information for the subsequent packets.
When a leaf switch receives a frame from the host it needs to determine whether the destination IP is inside the fabric or outside the fabric. If the destination IP matches with any /32 host route entry in the global station table, it means the destination is an endpoint inside the fabric and the leave switch already learned the endpoint.

Which ACI fabric concept is used to reduce the of policytablesin ACI fabrics?

A.    bridge domains
B.    endpoint groups
C.    application network profiles
D.    spine and leaf topology

Answer: B

What is required to deploy a VLAN pool onanyleaf switch?

A.    An attachable entity profile
B.    An application network profile
C.    An endpoint group
D.    A virtual routing and forwarding instance

Answer: A
An AEP is required to deploy any VLAN pools on the leaf switches. It is possible to reuse the encapsulation pools (for example, VLAN) across different leaf switches. An AEP implicitly provides the scope of the VLAN pool (associated to the domain) to the physical infrastructure.

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