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By | December 19, 2016

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How does the Cisco Internet of things solutions make customers safer?

A.    Installing day-and-night video surveillance.
B.    Eliminating the use of dangerous machines.
C.    Mandating training and safety courses for all employees.
D.    Increasing the amount of safety and protective equipment.

Answer: A

Which three solutions are part of the Cisco internet of Things application portfolio? ( Choose three.)

A.    Fog/Edge (IOX)
B.    Data center
C.    Iaas
D.    Paas/Cloud (DSX)
E.    Management and Analytics

Answer: ADE

In addition to its exceptional network, what does working with Cisco also provide with?

A.    Regionally-tailored product and offerings.
B.    A new approach to customer service.
C.    Facilitated mergers with IT-focused companies.
D.    Outstanding source code.

Answer: D

Which two options are architectures in the Connect Factory Wireless solution? (Choose two.)

A.    Automatic Access
B.    Unified Access
C.    Controller Access
D.    Workgroup Access
E.    Autonomous Access
F.    Silver Access
G.    Secure Access
H.    Gold Access

Answer: BE

Which two options are drawbacks to wireless media compared to wired methods? (Choose two.)

A.    higher security
B.    latency and jitter
C.    packet loss
D.    faster data transmission
E.    lower costs

Answer: BC

Which option is an important focus of the utilities industry?

A.    Grid upkeep
B.    Reducing the impact of congestion on operations
C.    Increasing the frequency of truck rolls.
D.    Privatizing the utilities industry

Answer: A

Manufacturers face a constantly changing economy and a continuous desire to reduce costs. What can manufacturers use the Cisco internet of things to do?

A.    Increase the number of active onsite workers.
B.    Improve their company marketing approach.
C.    Increase visibility into operations.
D.    Maintain use of traditional manufacturing practices.

Answer: C

Which option describes the idea behind the fog data in motion?

A.    Data gets caught in the fog and is unable to reach the cloud.
B.    Data is constantly being sent back and forth between the cloud and devices.
C.    Data is continuously sent to the edge to be analyzed for relevant information.
D.    Data goes through continuous analysis to provide key insights.

Answer: C

Which benefit can an oil and gas company receive from the Cisco internet of things?

A.    Faster theft and leak detection.
B.    Greater collaboration among international oil and gas companies.
C.    Increased demand of oil and gas.
D.    Less competition with alternative energies.

Answer: A

Three of the Cisco Connected Utilities solutions are: Connected Mobile Field, Connected AMI, and Connected Distribution Automation. Which option is the fourthsolution?

A.    Connected Roadways
B.    Connected Vehicle
C.    Connected Substation
D.    Connected Alternative Energy

Answer: C

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