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Which option best describes regulation compliance?

A.    Information transfer leaves users open to physical and legal vulnerabilities.
B.    Purchasing, deploying, and integrating new solutions involves significant costs.
C.    BYOD solutions must work with existing and future infrastructure.
D.    New technology must follow standard operating procedures.
E.    Implementing new technologies requires new management techniques.

Answer: D

Six key decision-makers for Cisco Connected Safety and Security solutions are line-of-business heads, operations managers, chief information security officers, heads of safety and security, and which other two decision-makers? (Choose two.)

A.    chief financial officers
B.    chief executive officers
C.    IT directors
D.    city managers

Answer: CD

Cisco Connected Safety and Security delivers open standards for public safety technology. What does this provide?

A.    slower response times
B.    easily adaptable networks
C.    incompatibility
D.    increased costs

Answer: B

Triggering events can signal an IoT opportunity. Which two options are examples of triggering events that are caused by an upgrade? (Choose 2)

A.    A restaurant wishes to hire new staff.
B.    A driller purchases new equipment.
C.    A city wants to rename its parks.
D.    A company commits to increasing operational capacity.

Answer: BD

What can workers in the manufacturing industry do now as a direct result of Cisco IOx?

A.    Increase their firm’s global relevance.
B.    Expand their company’s marketing initiatives.
C.    Receive earlier notification of an approaching peak or Reduce worker time spent in hold of operation.
D.    Reduce worker time spent in manufacturing plants.

Answer: C

What are three ways that Cisco Connected Safety and Security solutions help customers save money? (Choose three.)

A.    virtualized, scalable architecture
B.    lawsuit mitigation
C.    operational efficiencies
D.    replace legacy systems
E.    reduced cost of raw materials

Answer: ABC

What are three benefits that education customers can see with Cisco Connected Safety and Security? (Choose three.)

A.    reduced visibility
B.    real-time video access from any authorized device
C.    increased operational costs
D.    centralized management and control
E.    improved on-campus physical security

Answer: BDE

Effective public safety requires a positive feedback loop that includes which three options? (Choose three.)

A.    growing economies
B.    better roads
C.    protected citizens
D.    faster subways
E.    stronger communities

Answer: ACE

What are three components of the Cisco Connected Safety and Security Incident Response solution? (Choose three.)

A.    dynamic push-to-talk communications
B.    license plate recognition
C.    IP Dispatch Console
D.    Cisco Unified Wireless IP Phone and Cisco Instant Connect mobile clients
E.    Cisco PhysicalAccess Control

Answer: ACD

What is most important for IT directors?

A.    support the needs of the business with IT solutions
B.    deliver superior customer experiences
C.    increase revenue and profits
D.    respond to changes in the business

Answer: A

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