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What are two characteristics of a LUN? (Choose two.)

A.    A LUN must be fully comprised of one physical disk
B.    A LUN handles file system creation
C.    A LUN can be comprised of multiple physical disks
D.    A LUN is a unique identifier

Answer: CD

In an Openstack Cloud deployment which has a fibre channel SAN providing the block storage, which two options are valid fibre channel zone member types? (Choose two.)

A.    FCID
B.    DomainID
C.    WWPN
D.    OpenStack Volume ID

Answer: AC

Which option describes what the use of no_root_squash does in an NFS environment?

A.    It causes the NFS share to be mounted by a non-root user and is required for hypervisors that utilize RBAC for users.
B.    It allows a NFS share to be mounted and written to as the root user by the hypervisor.
C.    It allows a NFS share to be mounted by root, but all subsequent writes are as a non-root user.
D.    It allows a NFS share to be mounted by a non-root user and all subsequent writes are as a non- root user.

Answer: B

Which two options are characteristics of NAS? (Choose two.)

A.    NAS provides block-based storage only.
B.    NAS provides storage and filesystems.
C.    NAS requires no authentication.
D.    SMB is a protocol that can be used for NAS.

Answer: BD

Which /etc/exports line will allow you to enable read-only access from the NFS client

A.    /images (ro,async)
B.    /images (755,async)
C.    /images (755,no_root_squash,async)
D.    /images (ro,async)

Answer: A

Refer to the command line display below:

vsan database
vsan 1000 name FCoE
vlan 1000
fcoe vlan 1000
int e1/1
switchport mode trunk
switchport trunk allowed vlan 1000
no shut
int vfc10
bind interface e1/1
switchport trunk allowed vsan 1000
no shut

On which line does the error occur that prevents FCoE from operating correctly in a Cisco Nexus switch?

A.    fcoe vlan 1000
B.    switchport trunk allowed vsan 1000
C.    int vfc10
D.    bind interface e1/1

Answer: A

Which Cisco product can provide an iSCSI target for an iSCSI initiator?

A.    Cisco MDS 9710
B.    Cisco Nexus 7010
C.    Cisco UCS Invicta
D.    Cisco Nexus 9510

Answer: C

Which Cisco product is outside of a Vblock?

A.    Cisco Nexus 1k
B.    Cisco C-Series UCS
C.    Cisco Nexus 3k
D.    Cisco UCS Central

Answer: D

Which technology focuses on Layer 2 distributed data centers?

A.    FabricPath
B.    Adapter FEX
C.    LISP
D.    OTV

Answer: D

Which platform is ideally used to orchestrate a FlexPod from a single management platform?

A.    Cisco UCS Manager
B.    Cisco UCS Director
C.    Cisco Prime Cloud Automation Manager
D.    Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure Manager

Answer: B

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