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By | January 9, 2017

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What is the valid range of VXLAN range when defining a VXLAN pool policy in Cisco UCS Director?

A.    4096 to 16000000
B.    5000 to 16000000
C.    4095 to 10000000
D.    4096 to 10000000


Answer: A

A Cisco UCS Director static IP pool policy requires which mandatory attribute?

B.    gateway IP address
C.    static IP pool ranges

Answer: C

Which pool type creates subnets from supernets in Cisco UCS Director?

A.    IP supernet pool policy
B.    static IP pool policy
C.    VLAN pool policy
D.    IP subnet pool policy

Answer: D

Which statement describes a Cisco VACS management IP pool?

A.    The management IP pool provides network connectivity for the Gigabit0 and Gigabit1 interfaces on the Cisco CSR1000V Series Routers.
B.    The router uplink interfaces are assigned to a management IP pool for control plane communication.
C.    The WebTier communicates to the DatabaseTier using the management IP pool.
D.    Management IP pools provide connectivity for the mgmt0 interface of the Cisco CSR1000V and the Cisco VSG.

Answer: D

What is the order of the communication path in a typical three-tier application?

A.    WebBrowser->AppTier->WebTier->DBTier
B.    WebBrowser->WebTier->AppTier->DBTier
C.    WebTier->WebBrowser->AppTier->DBTier
D.    WebTier->AppTier->DBTier->BackupTier

Answer: B

In Cisco VACS, a three-tier container connects to external networks using which technology?

A.    static routes only
B.    static routes or a routing protocol such as EIGRP
C.    VXLAN gateway
D.    OTV

Answer: B

Which two attributes are available when creating a security zone for a three-tier template in Cisco VACS? (Choose two.)

A.    virtual machine name
B.    network IP address range
C.    ICMP port
D.    Nexus 9000 eVPN overlay

Answer: AB

An administrator has successfully created a three-tier application container. How would it be published for user consumption?

A.    Create a catalog of type Service Container.
B.    Add the service pool to the Cisco Prime Service Catalog.
C.    Create an application container template.
D.    Log in to the user portal with the ServiceAdmin account.
E.    Run the Infra Network Inventory Collection Task.

Answer: A

Where would an administrator monitor application container template instantiation?

A.    Click the Application Containers drop-down menu.
B.    Click the Organization drop-down menu, then Service Requests.
C.    Check the My Approvals tab in the Orchestration dialog box.
D.    Watch the progress bar on the catalog request dialog box.

Answer: B

Which two are leveraged to deploy secure Layer 2 extension in the Cisco Intercloud Fabric? (Choose two.)

A.    Cisco Intercloud Fabric Extender
B.    Cisco Prime Network Services Controller
C.    Cisco Intercloud Fabric Switch
D.    Cisco Intercloud Fabric Agent

Answer: AC

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