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An end user reports that conference calls are failing. Which fault domain should be investigated first?

A.    IP phone
B.    Cisco Unified Communications Manager Media Resources
C.    voice gateways
D.    network routers and switches

Answer: B

An engineer receives an isolated report that the customer can make calls successfully from an IP phone to other IP phones, but receives an error recording when attempting to call someone over the PSTN. The user cannot recall the error recording to provide the specific error message. Which two steps should the network engineer take to begin troubleshooting? (Choose two.)

A.    Enable debug isdn q931 on the gateway and have user make the same call from the IP phone to PSTN again.
B.    Check the region used by the IP phone in Cisco Unified Communications Manager.
C.    Test the call using Dialed Number Analyzer in Cisco Unified Communications Manager administrator.
D.    Check the calling search space used by the line on the IP phone in Cisco Unified Communications Manager.
E.    Check the gateway to determine which codec is being used by the appropriate dial peer.

Answer: CD

A technician is checking services in response to the recent failed delivery of all voicemails. Which service must be running for message delivery to function properly?

A.    Connection DB Event Publisher
B.    Connection Database Proxy
C.    Connection Notifier
D.    Connection Message Transfer Agent

Answer: D

A field technician must reset a single 7965 IP phone so that it will be discovered on the network again and request an IP address from DCHP. Which steps should the network engineer provide?

A.    Have field technician select the Settings button on phone, then dial # # * * *
B.    Have field technician select the Settings button on phone, then dial # # * # #
C.    Have field technician select the Settings button on phone, then dial * * # * *
D.    Have field technician select the Settings button on phone, then dial * * # # #

Answer: C

An end user is experiencing performance issues with their IP phone. Which phone feature could the administrator configure to allow the end user to notify them when issues occur?

A.    Cisco Quality Report Tool
B.    System Log Management
C.    Cisco CDR Analysis and Reporting
D.    Cisco JTAPI

Answer: A

An end user has an 7945 IP phone, but is unable to launch any of the IP phone applications.
A network engineer has confirmed that the device is subscribed to the appropriate applications in Cisco Unified Communications Manager.
How should the engineer instruct the user to launch the IP phone applications?

A.    Select the "?" button on the IP phone.
B.    Select the globe button on the IP phone.
C.    Select Settings > User Preferences.
D.    Select Settings > Device Configuration.

Answer: B

Which component is needed for a voice call to be processed between the enterprise Cisco Unified Communications system and a cell phone via the PSTN?

A.    Cisco Analog Voice Gateway VG224
B.    Cisco Unified Communications Manager call processing node
C.    Cisco Unified Communications Manager Music On Hold node
D.    Cisco Integrated Service Router with digital signal processor resources

Answer: D

What is needed to support SIP Early Media?

A.    Media Termination Point
B.    Transcoder
C.    Annunciator
D.    Conference Bridge
E.    DSP
F.    Route List

Answer: A

The IP phone of user A is registered with Cisco Unified Communications Manager subscriber1 while the IP phone of user B is registered with subscriber2. User A is speaking to user B on an active call. A junior network engineer mistakenly reboots subscriber1.
What effect does this have on the call?

A.    User A can hear B, but B cannot hear A.
B.    User A cannot hear B, but B can hear A.
C.    This action drops the call.
D.    This action does not affect the call.
E.    The call remains active, but quality may suffer.

Answer: D

A company has invested in an on-premises VoIP solution. For design simplicity purposes, network engineers have opted to use a single VLAN for both data and voice traffic. Shortly after implementing IP phones, customers are reporting problems.
Which two potential problems may be reported about the calls as a result of this design decision? (Choose two.)

A.    jitter detected in voice calls
B.    problems with email latency
C.    slow internet download speeds
D.    choppy voice calls
E.    PCs are getting IP addresses but phones are not

Answer: AD

A network engineer receives a report about poor quality on an active call between the IP phone of user A over the WAN to the IP phone of user B. Using web access to the phone, the network engineer remotely checks call statistics such as jitter, network delay, and packet loss. Calculated packet loss is 3%, average jitter is 20 ms, network delay is 1 ms, and conceal seconds is 7.
What is the most likely problem with this call?

A.    Calculated packet loss is too high.
B.    Average jitter is too high.
C.    Network delay is too high.
D.    Conceal seconds are too high.

Answer: A

Which command allows the telephony service of a Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express router to be associated to loopback address

A.    !
max-ephones 4
max-dn 8
ip source-address
B.    !
max-ephones 4
max-dn 8
ip bind src-addr
C.    !
max-ephones 4
max-dn 8
source-address ipv4:
D.    !
max-ephones 4
max-dn 8
ip address

Answer: A

Which four devices can be used to provide analog ports, traditional phones, and fax machines? (Choose four.)

A.    Cisco VG224 Analog Voice Gateway
B.    Foreign Exchange Station Voice Interface Card
C.    Cisco High Density VoiceFax Network Module
D.    Cisco ATA190 Analog Telephone Adapter
E.    Cisco VG350 Analog Voice Gateway
F.    Cisco Unified Border Element
G.    Foreign Exchange Office Voice Interface

Answer: ABDE

Client A in X site uses an IP phone to call client B in Y site. Engineers have selected SCCP as the default VoIP signaling protocol. Which network path will the call signaling take when client A calls client B?

A.    IP phone X > CUCM subscriber > IP phone Y using TCP port 1000
B.    IP phone X > CUCM subscriber > IP phone Y using TCP port 2000
C.    IP phone X > CUCM subscriber > IP phone Y using UDP port 1000
D.    IP phone X > IP phone Y using TCP port 2000
E.    IP phone X > IP phone Y using TCP port 1000

Answer: B

Which Cisco Unified Communications Manager protocol communicates with collaboration endpoints?

A.    SCCP
B.    RTP
C.    SIP
D.    CDP

Answer: C

Which two tools can be used to measure the quality of a VoIP call? (Choose two.)

A.    QoS configuration tool
B.    mean opinion score tool
C.    bulk administration tool
D.    jitter compensation tool
E.    rFactor tool

Answer: BE

What is the recommended maximum one-way latency for voice and video networks?

A.    100 ms
B.    150 ms
C.    200 ms
D.    300 ms

Answer: B

An engineer must configure QoS for a VoIP network. Which option is the best QoS model for this task?

A.    IntServ
B.    DiffServ
C.    MPLS
D.    FIFO

Answer: B

User A notices echo on a call with user B. Both users are using Cisco VoIP phones. User B is using a headset, and user A is using a handset. What is the most likely source of the echo?

A.    user A handset
B.    user B headset
C.    disabled echo cancellation on user A phone profile
D.    disabled echo cancellation on user B phone profile

Answer: B

An engineer is adding a third-party video endpoint to Cisco Unified Communications Manager. Which third- party device type should be used when adding the system?

A.    SCCP
B.    SIP
C.    MGCP
D.    H.323

Answer: B

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