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What is the service application called in the 2G environment?

A.    GPRS service
B.    SGSN service
C.    SGSN application
D.    SGTP service

Answer: A

Which three are SGSN GPRS Mobility Management procedures? (Choose three.)

A.    GPRS Attach
B.    Authentication
C.    PDP Context Activation
D.    Routing Area Update
E.    QoS Control
F.    PDP Context Deactivation

Answer: ABD

Which statement is a characteristic of the GTPP group configuration?

A.    GTPP groups are not configured in a context.
B.    Only five groups can be created in addition to the default group.
C.    The GTPP group configuration submenu allows you to specify a set of behavior parameters
for the CDR collection and transmission activities.
D.    When configuring communication to a CGF, up to eight servers can be configured in the
GTPP group.

Answer: C

What is the main function of cluster mode support?

A.    Generate CDR data files for billing systems that do not have a direct billing interface to a
GSN system
B.    Manage the GSS operations
C.    Process and store the information that is received from the GSN system and the records
that the GSS application generates
D.    Enable support for multiple GSS nodes that are clustered to provide high availability and
critical redundancy

Answer: D

What does CDR stand for within the context of GTPP billing?

A.    connection duration record
B.    connection detail record
C.    call duration record
D.    call detail record

Answer: D

How do you configure the system to store CDRs on the local GTPP Storage Server?

A.    Execute the storage-server mode command
B.    Execute the gtpp storage-server mode command
C.    Execute the gtpp storage-server local file command
D.    Execute the storage-server mode local command

Answer: D

Which of these are considered historical summary reports?

A.    Monthly reports
B.    Top N reports
C.    Average reports
D.    Statistical reports

Answer: A

Which of these is a characteristic of the Alert model?

A.    A value is monitored when the value reaches or exceeds the configured high threshold
within the specified polling interval.
B.    A value is monitored for both low and high thresholds.
C.    You will see a "clear" entry in the log when the low threshold value is crossed.
D.    You will see no more outstanding items after the low threshold value is crossed.

Answer: A

When used as an in-line service, the Content Steering service has which two characteristics? (Choose two.)

A.    Directs subscriber traffic into the ECS subsystem
B.    Uses ACLs to control the flow of packets into and out of the system
C.    Examines uplink and downlink traffic
D.    Is responsible for analyzing the individual protocol fields during inspection
E.    Uses multiple servers
F.    Can inspect and maintain a state across various protocols at all layers of the OSI stack

Answer: AB

Which option describes one main benefit of the Cisco ASR 5000 inline services?

A.    It helps to define, engineer, and optimize network.
B.    Proactive diagnostic capabilities increase network availability.
C.    It provides comprehensive remote monitoring and issue resolution.
D.    It allows you to manage network and services in real time.

Answer: D

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