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Which two are the expected outputs of network interface show? (Choose two.)

A.    IP addresses of NAS and iSCSI logical interfaces
B.    iSCSI IQNs
C.    Namespace of SAN logical interfaces
D.    System WW node name
E.    WW port names of Fibre Channel and FCoE logical interfaces

Answer: AE

Which sends support summary information to NetApp through HTTPS?

A.    AutoSupport
B.    FlexSupport
C.    SnapSupport
D.    TechSupport

Answer: A

When configuring a volume to contain a LUN, which administrative tool automatically applies NetApp recommendations?

A.    Data ONTAP command-line interface
B.    OnCommand System Manager
C.    Microsoft SystemCenter
D.    VMware vSphere

Answer: B

When trying to configure a Virtual Port Channel (vPC), what might be a cause of the following error when trying to create the vPC domain?

Nexus-5548-B(config)# vpc domain 10
^% Invalid command at ‘^’ marker.Nexus-5548-B(config)#

A.    Have not yet turned on the vpc feature using the `feature vpc’ command
B.    The vPC links have to be configured before the vPC domain can be added
C.    The vPC domain has already been configured
D.    vPC domain cannot be configured at the global prompt

Answer: A

Which is a post sales implementation configuration and health check tool for NetApp systems or FlexPod?

A.    Cisco UCS Sizer for Enterprise Applications
B.    Cisco Resource Comparison Tool
C.    NetApp Solution Builder
D.    NetApp Config Advisor

Answer: D

Which of the following tools is designed to inventory existing VMware vSphere, Linux, and Microsoft Windows Server versions in a customer environment?

A.    Cisco UCS Sizer for Enterprise Applications
B.    Cisco UCS Central
C.    Microsoft Assessment and Planning (MAP) Toolkit
D.    Cisco Resource Comparison Tool

Answer: C

Which sends support summary information to NetApp through HTTPS?

A.    AutoSupport
B.    FlexSupport
C.    SnapSupport
D.    TechSupport

Answer: A

Which two are two possible features of the `Call Home’ feature in UCS Manager?

A.    Generates a text message to configured cell phone numbers
B.    Generates a syslog event
C.    Ability to proactively open a case with the Cisco TAC with the `Smart Call Home’ feature
D.    Generates emails to predefined email addresses when a problem is detected
E.    Allows UCS to proactively pull down new software updates from Cisco

Answer: CD

Given the following switch output, where would you expect see notification level messages?

N5K-1# show logging info Logging console: enabled (Severity: error)
Logging monitor: enabled (Severity: informational)
Logging linecard: enabled (Severity: emergency)
Logging fex: enabled (Severity: notifications)
Logging time stamp: Seconds
Logging server: disabled
Logging logfilE: enabled

A.    On the console
B.    On the terminal sessions
C.    On the linecard
D.    Notification messages will not be seen anywhere

Answer: B

Where are log files located on a NetApp node?

A.    /mroot/etc/crash/
B.    /log/core/
C.    /letc/log/crash
D.    /etc/mlog/
E.    /mroot/etc/log/mlog/

Answer: E

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