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By | February 7, 2017

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Which option transmits policy-based alerts such as SNMP and syslog?

A.    the Defense Center
B.    FireSIGHT
C.    the managed device
D.    the host

Answer: C

Which option is used to implement suppression in the Rule Management user interface?

A.    Rule Category
B.    Global
C.    Source
D.    Protocol

Answer: C

FireSIGHT recommendations appear in which layer of the Policy Layers page?

A.    Layer Summary
B.    User Layers
C.    Built-In Layers
D.    FireSIGHT recommendations do not show up as a layer.

Answer: C

In addition to the discovery of new hosts, FireSIGHT can also perform which function?

A.    block traffic
B.    determine which users are involved in monitored connections
C.    discover information about users
D.    route traffic

Answer: B

A user discovery agent can be installed on which platform?

A.    OpenLDAP
B.    Windows
D.    Ubuntu

Answer: B

Other than navigating to the Network File Trajectory page for a file, which option is an alternative way of accessing the network trajectory of a file?

A.    from Context Explorer
B.    from the Analysis menu
C.    from the cloud
D.    from the Defense Center

Answer: A

Which option can you enter in the Search text box to look for the trajectory of a particular file?

A.    the MD5 hash value of the file
B.    the SHA-256 hash value of the file
C.    the URL of the file
D.    the SHA-512 hash value of the file

Answer: B

A context box opens when you click on an event icon in the Network File Trajectory map for a file.
Which option is an element of the box?

A.    Scan
B.    Application Protocol
C.    Threat Name
D.    File Name

Answer: B

Which Cisco IPS signature parameter can be tuned to reduce the volume of the alerts that are written to the event store?

A.    alert action
B.    alert frequency
C.    alert fidelity rating
D.    alert severity
E.    alert firing mode
F.    alert logging

Answer: B

Which two operations would put an inline Cisco IPS sensor in detection mode? (Choose two.)

A.    subtract all aggressive actions using event action filters
B.    decrease the event count using event action filters
C.    increase the maximum inter-event interval using event action overrides
D.    remove the default event action override, which drops traffic with a risk rating of 90 to 100
E.    enable anomaly detection in detection mode only

Answer: AD

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