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By | February 15, 2017

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Which two advantages does the Autonomous architecture offer? (Choose two.)

A.    need for greater expertise
B.    support for plant-wide mobility of many access points
C.    lower initial costs
D.    greater security across the network
E.    more granular control of QoS and radio parameters

Answer: CE
Section: (none)

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Cisco 500-801 : Practice Test

Which two options are architectures in the Connect Factory Wireless solution? (Choose two.)

A.    Automatic Access
B.    Unified Access
C.    Controller Access
D.    Workgroup Access
E.    Autonomous Access
F.    Silver Access
G.    Secure Access
H.    Gold Access

Answer: BE

Which two options are drawbacks to wireless media compared to wired methods? (Choose two.)

A.    higher security
B.    latency and jitter
C.    packet loss
D.    faster data transmission
E.    lower costs

Answer: BC
Section: (none)

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By 2020, experts cited in the Connected Factory Partner Accelerator System Engineer Training believe that how many devices will be plugged into the Internet?

A.    800 million
B.    10 billion
C.    50 billion
D.    100 billion

Answer: C

Which option is the primary purpose of the demilitarized zone in a converged industrial network?

A.    Separate the manufacturing zone from the enterprise zone.
B.    Demarcate the entry point to the cell/area zone.
C.    Provide isolation of industrial devices from monitors.
D.    Reduce external attacks on the industrial network.

Answer: A

By 2025, experts cited in the Connected Factory Partner Accelerator System Engineer Training believe that which percentage of all devices connected to the Internet will be industrial-related devices?

A.    20%
B.    35%
C.    50%
D.    60%
E.    70%

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Cisco 500-801 : Practice Test

Answer: C

Which type of security encryption do Industrial Automation and Control Systems use?

A.    Advanced Encryption Standard
B.    International Data Encryption Algorithm
C.    Data Encryption Standard
D.    RSA encryption

Answer: A

Which industrial sector has the largest opportunity for Cisco?

A.    Oil and Gas
B.    Process Manufacturing
C.    Transportation
D.    Discrete Manufacturing

Answer: D
Section: (none)

Topic 2, Cisco Connected Factory helps customers overcome challenges

Which two options are drivers for the integration of the enterprise network and the industrial network? (Choose two.)

A.    enterprise visibility into industrial data
B.    remote expert access to the plant floor to diagnose and resolve problems
C.    the push of manufacturing data directly to executive desktops
D.    VPN access for smart devices to programmable logic controllers

Answer: AB
Section: (none)

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Cisco 500-801 : Practice Test

Which three options are significant influencers of Technical Decision Makers during consideration of a converged industrial network solution? (Choose three.)

A.    interoperability
B.    flexibility
C.    marketability
D.    navigability
E.    exchangeability
F.    availability

Answer: ABF
Section: (none)

Topic 3, Cisco Validated Design

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