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An engineer is adding four cordless analog phones to Cisco Unified Communications Manager. Which solution best meets this requirement?

A.    Cisco VG202 Analog Voice Gateway
B.    Cisco VG204 Analog Voice Gateway
C.    Cisco VG224 Analog Voice Gateway
D.    Cisco VG350 Analog Voice Gateway

Answer: B

An engineer needs to block any outbound calls to specific numbers. Which dial plan element is used to restrict called numbers?

A.    partition
B.    route group
C.    route list
D.    calling search space

Answer: D

User A needs to have a line shared on the user B phone. Both phones register with Cisco Unified Communications Manager. Which method can be used from Cisco Unified Communications Manager Administration web pages to configure a shared line on the user B phone?

A.    Navigate to the user B phone > Add the user A DN.
B.    Navigate to the user B phone > Shared Line > Add the user A DN.
C.    Navigate to DN configuration > Shared Line > Add the user A DN.
D.    Navigate to end user configuration > Shared Line > Add the user A DN.

Answer: A

An engineer is configuring a group of DNs and wants the external phone number mask to match the last four digits of the DN. Which option should be used?

A.    123555xxxx
B.    123555XXXX
C.    123555****
D.    123555….

Answer: B

A user registered to Cisco Unified Communications Manager wants their cell phone to ring simultaneously with the IP phone. Which three configuration points must be configured to achieve this configuration? (Choose three.)

A.    Enable Mobile Voice Access.
B.    Create Remote Destination Profile.
C.    Create Remote Destination.
D.    Enable Single Number Reach.
E.    Create Application Dial Rule.
F.    Enable Call Forwarding.

Answer: BCD

Which two profile types are needed to enable a user for IM and Presence? (Choose two.)

A.    Cisco Unified Communications Service
B.    voicemail profile
C.    Jabber profile
D.    device profile
E.    network access profile
F.    service profile

Answer: AF

An engineer receives a service ticket because a user cannot log into Cisco Unified CM User Options. Where can the engineer verify that the user account is active?

A.    LDAP System Configuration
B.    LDAP Directory
C.    End User Configuration
D.    LDAP Authentication
E.    Route Plan Report

Answer: C

What is one advantage of importing Cisco Unity Connection users from Cisco Unified Communications Manager?

A.    The extension can be manually changed.
B.    The extension stays synchronized with the user extension.
C.    Voicemail features can be administered.
D.    Voicemail does not require an additional license.

Answer: B

A systems administrator wants to integrate a new Cisco Unity Connection cluster with an existing directory in the enterprise. What is one valid user import source?

A.    Cisco Unified Communications Manager AXL server
B.    Cisco Unified Communications Manager CTI server
C.    Cisco Unified Communications Manager TFTP server
D.    Cisco Unified Communications Manager MOH server

Answer: A

An engineer is adding user accounts to Cisco Unity Connection and needs to limit the maximum length of messages. Which aspect defines this limit when adding new accounts?

A.    user templates
B.    user partitions and search spaces
C.    user CoS
D.    user mailbox store
E.    user roles

Answer: C

A user is required to answer voicemail for two lines but would like them to be filtered to only one mailbox.
How can you accomplish this request?

A.    Provide multiple mailboxes for one Cisco Unity Connection user.
B.    Add an alternate extension.
C.    Create a shared mailbox.
D.    Initiate interview handler.

Answer: B

Which Cisco Unity Connection user field is used to map to an LDAP directory?

A.    SMTP Address
B.    Last Name
C.    Alias
D.    Display Name

Answer: C

How many servers can be supported in a Cisco Unified Presence Server cluster environment?

A.    2
B.    4
C.    6
D.    8
E.    10

Answer: C

An engineer is using Cisco Jabber. Instant messages are transported through which protocol?

A.    SIP
B.    XMPP
C.    H.323
D.    SCCP

Answer: B

An engineer wants to ensure that Cisco Jabber clients can communicate with instant messaging clients who are not registered to the same Jabber cluster. Which technology meets this requirement?

A.    intercluster trunk
B.    federation
C.    SIP trunk
D.    PRI

Answer: B

A Cisco Unified Communications administrator wants to implement Cisco IM and Presence for the company. If it is installed in IM-only user mode, which three services are supported for users? (Choose three.)

A.    video calls support
B.    third-party XMPP client support
C.    presence support
D.    Microsoft Lync support
E.    Microsoft Office Communicator support
F.    instant messaging support

Answer: BCF

Which CLI command must be used to configure the network settings on a Cisco TelePresence 4500 MCU?

A.    Static<ip address><netmask><default gateway><DNS server address>
B.    Network ip<ip address><netmask><default gateway><DNS server address>
C.    Xconfig network address<ip address><netmask><default gateway>
D.    Xconfig network address<ip address><netmask><default gateway><DNS server address>

Answer: A

A user needs to access CAR logs to adjust settings. Which two options are required? (Choose two.)

A.    The user account has the Standard CAR Admin Users role.
B.    The user must log in at https://<Server-ip/name>:8443/car/Logon.jsp.
C.    The user must log in at https://<Server-ip/name>:8443/cdr/Logon.jsp.
D.    The user account has the CTI Enabled role.
E.    The user account has the Standard CAR role.

Answer: AB

Where can an engineer find how many unused Cisco Unified Workspace Licensing Standard licenses remain?

A.    CAR
B.    Cisco Unified Reporting
C.    Cisco Unified Communications Enterprise License Manager
D.    RTMT

Answer: C

Which CAR module report provides key information to determine if an additional gateway is needed?

A.    gateway utilization
B.    gateway summary
C.    gateway detail
D.    gateway and line group utilization

Answer: A

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