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By | March 4, 2014

If Avaya provides maintenance coverage of the customer’s system and alarm notification to Avaya is required, you need to configure traps to be sent to SAL. When you set the New SNMP Destination Configuration, what is the name of the NMS Devise that Avaya one-X® CES uses?

A.    HP Open view
B.    SSG
C.    Avaya Tivoli
D.    Sun Enterprise

Answer: B

Which Avaya product performs the SIP network routing for Avaya one-X® CES?

A.    Session Manager
B.    Application Enablement Services
C.    Communication Manager
D.    System Manager

Answer: A

After the integration of Presence Services, you discover that a user account is not working. Which system needs to be accessed to verify the login name and domain transplantation rule?

A.    System Manager
B.    Avaya one-X CES
C.    Communication Manager
D.    Presence Services

Answer: A

While troubleshooting after a template installation, which file needs to be validated?

A.    /vspdate/template/onesps_template
B.    /var/log/vsp
C.    /opt/tmp/default.log
D.    /opt/tmp/default.log
E.    /opt/avaya/1xp/

Answer: E

You have successfully installed Avaya one-X® CES system and associated components. The next step in the implementation is to install and configure the Avaya one-X® CES communicator clients on the user’s desktop. Which prerequisite is required to successfully complete the Avaya one-X® CES Communicator installation?

A.    The user’s desktop must be a member of the Avaya one-X CES® User Security Domain.
B.    The user’s desktop must be configured with DSCP QoS tagging.
C.    The user’s desktop must be configured on Enterprise Directory Server.
D.    The user’s desktop must be installed with Microsoft .NET Framework.

Answer: D

For Avaya one-X® CES to use Presence Services, it must be integrated with an Enterprise Directory. Which Enterprise Directory can be integrated with System manager?

A.    Avaya Tivoli Directory Server
B.    Oracle Identity manager
C.    Active directory
D.    Enterprise JavaBean

Answer: C

During the installation of the template, the Transcoding Server is installed on which server?

A.    Presence Server
B.    Handset Server
C.    Avaya one-X® CES
D.    Standalone Transcoding Server

Answer: C

Which Avaya software needs to be available on the server prior to installing the Avaya one-X® CES template?

A.    Session Manager
B.    System Platform
C.    Communication Manager
D.    Presence Services

Answer: B

Which operating system platform is required to support the standalone handset server?

A.    Linux CentOS 6.2
B.    Linux RedHat Enterprise 5.0
C.    Windows 2008 Server R2
D.    Linux SUSE 11

Answer: B

Once the installation is complete, which web page should the technician se to manually reboot the Avaya one-X® CES server?

A.    Dom-0
B.    Avaya one-X® CES
C.    Cdom
D.    System Manager

Answer: B


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