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By | March 5, 2014

After installing the Avaya one-X® CES template, which page shows that the Avaya one-X® CES solution template is running successfully?

A.    Session Manager – Server
B.    Communication Manager – Network
C.    System Manager – Network
D.    System Platform – VM Management
E.    Presence Services – Server

Answer: D

When installing a license for an Avaya one-X® CES solution, which WebLM is recommended?

A.    System Manager WebLM
B.    Session Manager WebLM
C.    System Platform WebLM
D.    Avaya one-X® CES WebLM

Answer: A

You have installed and configured Avaya one-X® CES Communicator integrated with Avaya one-X® CES. When logging in, you get the message that the login/password is incorrect. In the Avaya one-X® Communicator, where would you look to verify that the user name/password matches the one defined in the Enterprise Directory?

A.    Under the General Settings/Telephony
B.    Under the General Settings/messaging
C.    Under the General Settings/IM and Presence
D.    Under General Settings/Login

Answer: D

The Avaya one-X® CES system is deployed in the customer’s network, and the employees are asked to retrieve the Avaya one-X® CES Mobile client to enable their mobile devices. Which IP address is required to connect mobile devices to the Avaya one-X® CES system?

A.    SMS server IP address
B.    Communication Manager server IP address
C.    Handset Server IP address
D.    Session Manager server IP address

Answer: C

The Avaya one-X® Client Enablement Services (CES) has the choice of template sizes. Which factor is used to decide the template size?

A.    Extra feature purchased by the customer
B.    The version of System Platform
C.    The server type
D.    The type of mobile devise that is being integrated into Avaya one-X® CES

Answer: C

The support is receiving a report that Avaya one-X® Communicator users cannot see parties in the conference. Which steps should a technician perform to get the status of the conferencing service(s) assigned to the user?

A.    Login to System Manager web console
Navigate to Elements – Conferencing
Check the Conferencing service(s) status
B.    Login to Avaya one-X® CES via SSH
Using Command Line Client tool, execute the command status server – c<;serverNam>;
C.    Login to Avaya one-X® CES via web page
Navigate to Monitors tab
Check the Conferencing service(s) status
D.    Login to Avaya one-X® CES via web page
Navigate to Users tab and select Provisioned Users
Click on a user experiencing the problem
At the Conferencing section, select status.

Answer: D

In the Enterprise Directory server, which security group is assigned to Avaya one-X Mobile users?

A.    The user security group
B.    The administrator security group
C.    The provisioned used security group
D.    The unprovisioned user security group

Answer: A

A customer with a newly installed Avaya one-X® CES solution would like to allow users to increase the number of Call Logs that can be stored their Avaya one-X Mobile clients from 100 to 200. Which statement describes the process to increase the maximum days to keep history setting for all users on the CES system?

A.    Create a Prototype Users with the new 200 limit, and assign the users to this new prototype User.
B.    Modify the system Profile with new 200 limit.
C.    Create a Group Profile with new 200 limit and add all the users to this Group profile.
D.    Create a Provisioned User Profile with new 200 limit, and add the users to this new profile.

Answer: B

One of the ways to verify the Avaya one-X CES solution is to set up a call between two different parties. This call set-up can use three different Dial Plans. For these Dial Plans, which transformation must be configured for the call to complete?

A.    Pattern Matching
B.    Simple Dial Plan
C.    Regular Expression
D.    Uniform Dial Plan

Answer: C

It has been determined that several technicians of the company will have Avaya one-X ?Mobile clients on their mobile devices, and also perform day-to-day management responsibilities of the Avaya one-X® CES system. To have these privileges, which two security groups on Enterprise Directory server must these users be a member of? (Choose two)

A.    Provisioned
B.    Auditor
C.    Administrative
D.    User

Answer: CD

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