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By | March 5, 2014

A customer would like to restrict 50 users from saving voicemail messages to their mobile devices. Which configuration method would quickly provision these users so they will not be able to save voicemails on their mobile devices?

A.    Create prototype user and provision each user with this prototype user.
B.    Create an unprovisioned user and provision each user with this unprovisioned user.
C.    Create a group profile and provision each user to this profile.
D.    Create a system profile and provision each user to this profile.

Answer: C

Which component is included in the UC Inclusive total bundle license?

A.    Session Manager
B.    Communication Manager
C.    System Manager
D.    System Manager

Answer: B

You are in the process of investigating an error in the General Logging log. You first look at the systemOut.log and you see that the protocol Aspect is enabled. What is the other General log file you need to check to determine what the problem is?

A.    SNMP log file
B.    SAL log file
C.    Trace.log file
D.    Avaya one-X® CES log file

Answer: C

As part of their Avaya one-X® CES implementation, a customer has chosen to deploy a standalone Handset Server within corporate DMZ. As the installation continuous, it is determined that there will not be a DNS as part of the deployment. Which procedure is required to complete the installation of the Handset Server without a DNS?

A.    Add static routes between the Handset and the CES
B.    Add static host entries on the Handset Server
C.    Add SIP Entity Links between the Handset Server and the CES
D.    Add static routes between the Handset Server and System Platform

Answer: B

A customer recently upgrading their UC environment from Avaya one-X® Portal 5.2 Avaya one-X® CES 6.1. All of the users will continue to use their Avaya Desktop (SIP) telephones along with their Avaya one-X® Communicator and Mobile clients. However, several of these desktop telephones (9620s, 9630s, 9640s) are on various software releases. What is the minimum software release that supports these Avaya SIP Deskphones when integrated with the Avaya one-X® CES?

A.    SIP 2.2
B.    SIP 2.4
C.    SIP 2.6
D.    SIP 6.1

Answer: C

You set up the Messaging Services in the Avaya one-X® CES server. When you ran the test, it failed. Which protocol needs to be ser at the Secure Port when setting up Messaging Services?

A.    SMTP
B.    IMAP
C.    LDAP
D.    SIP

Answer: B

With regard to the Avaya one-X® Mobile product, what is the name of the download site for the Android telephone?

A.    GooglePlay
B.    Apple ITune App Store
C.    Over The Air (OTA)
D.    App Special Store

Answer: A

A customer has a branch office in Germany, and they do not have fixed-length Dial Plan. Which Dial Plan would you recommend?

A.    Pattern Matching Transformation
B.    Simple Dial Plan
C.    Regular Expression
D.    Simple Matching Transformation

Answer: C

To prepare for the installation of the Avaya one-X® CES solution template, a new administrator account was added to the admin security group in the enterprise Directory. When trying to login to the Avaya one-X® CES server, you receive the error message The User name or password you provided not recognized. Which troubleshooting action should you take do to resolve problem?

A.    Login to the Enterprise Directory and verify the user name.
B.    Login as admin and change the user name in the Avaya one-X® CES server.
C.    Login to the System Manager/User management/Users and synchronize the System manager
with the Avaya one-X® CES server.
D.    Login to the System Platform and edit the user name.

Answer: C

The Avaya one-X® CES solution supports 4000 administered subscribers. How many active subscribers are supported?

A.    1000
B.    2000
C.    3000
D.    4000

Answer: B

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