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By | March 7, 2014

Which type of information is exchanged between the Presence Server and Communicator manager?

A.    H.323 Presence
B.    LDAP presence
C.    SIP Presence
D.    Avaya one-X® CES Presence

Answer: C

You have a customer whose standalone Handset Server keeps timing out. When troubleshooting this problem, which procedure must be verified?

A.    Determine if the Handset Server was installed before or after the installation of CES.
B.    Determine if the Handset Server uses the Direct Access option.
C.    Determine if the Handset Server uses the only SSH access option.
D.    Determine if the Handset Server has SIP connectivity.

Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit. A technician is in the process of enabling Notification Service on the Avaya one-X CES. Which IP address is required for Simple mail Transport Protocol (SMTP) Host entry?


A.    The SMTP Server IP address
B.    The Presence Server IP address
C.    The Avaya one-X CES IP address
D.    The Enterprise Directory IP address

Answer: A

Which integrated component of the Avaya one-X® CES solution uses the Public Fixed Mobile Convergence (PBFMC) license?

A.    Modular Messaging
B.    Presence Services
C.    Communication Manager
D.    Conferencing

Answer: C

When establishing the certificates with Avaya one-X® CES and the Presence Server, who is the Certificate Authority?

A.    Session Manager
B.    Avaya one-X® CES
C.    Presence
D.    System Manager

Answer: D

For Avaya one-X® CES to use Presence Services, it must be integrated with an Enterprise Directory. Which Enterprise Directory can be integrated with System manager?

A.    Avaya Tivoli Directory Server
B.    Oracle Identity manager
C.    Active directory
D.    Enterprise JavaBean

Answer: C

When setting up the standalone Handset Server through the DMZ, which ports are assigned?

A.    443 and 444
B.    7777 and 8888
C.    3333 and 4444
D.    443 and 888

Answer: B

What is the status of a user immediately after synchronizing the Enterprise Directory?

A.    Provisioned
B.    Enabled
C.    Unprovisioned
D.    Prototype

Answer: A

You have just completed an upgrade of a Standalone Handset server. You need to verify that the Avaya HTTP Server (IHS) service is running, and you enter the command: ps -ef | grep HTTP Server. Which response to the command verifies the HIS us running?

A.    IHS Process IDs
B.    HIS Running
C.    HIS Enabled
D.    HIS In Service

Answer: A

The transcoding server converts which type of message to a format that is supported by the mobile client?

A.    Fax
B.    Data
C.    Voice
D.    Security

Answer: C

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