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By | February 2, 2015

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Vendor: SNIA
Exam Code: S10-210
Exam Name: Storage Networking Management and Administration
Version: DEMO
You want to visibly verify FC port initialization by reading an analyzer trace.
Your objective is to find the frames associated with the initialization protocol to ensure that the FC device is operating correctly during the login process, to be recognized as part of the switched fabric, and appear in a directory of attached FC devices.

What must all Fibre Channel devices do to accomplish this?

A.    Log in using the Name server.
B.    Log in using the Fabric Controller.
C.    Log in using the Management server.
D.    Log in using the Fabric Login server.

Answer: D

You have been hired to consult with storage administrators that are working with zoning and naming convention consistency issues. There are numerous types of zoning methods available using standards that also include aliasing.
You want to use a method that guarantees unique global port identification.
What accomplishes this goal?

A.    WWPN
B.    domain_id:port_#
C.    Alias
D.    Zone set

Answer: A

Click the Exhibit button.


What is the protocol stack shown in the exhibit?

A.    FCoE
B.    SCSI
C.    InfiniBand
D.    Fibre Channel

Answer: B

You have a file system which allows data and metadata segregation.
How should you accelerate read I/O on the file system while keeping costs low?

A.    Assign the fastest storage to the data portion of the file system.
B.    Assign the fastest storage to the metadata portion of the file system.
C.    Assign fast storage to the data and the metadata portions of the file system.
D.    Keep the file system very small.

Answer: B

A company has a storage subsystem that supports a variety of replication options.
They have purchased an identical array and placed it at a secondary site 50 km away and will provide the shortest RPO.
Which statement is correct?

A.    Asynchronous replication is the only replication option for distances over 50 km.
B.    Synchronous replication is the only replication option for distances over 50 km.
C.    Snapshots allow for data to be quickly captured, copied, and mounted from one storage array to another and is the ideal solution for all distances.
D.    Synchronous replication will keep the arrays closely synchronized and is ideal for short distances.

Answer: D

Click the Exhibit button. Referring to the exhibit, which backup type is represented?


A.    Server-free backup
B.    Cloud backup
C.    LAN-free backup
D.    LAN backup

Answer: D

Your company’s Service Level Agreement (SLA) requires that no more then one hour’s worth of data be lost in case of a system crash. The data must also be restored within 10 hours.
Which two RTO/RPO combinations meet the SLA? (Choose two.)

A.    RTO 1 hour, RPO 10 hours
B.    RTO 10 hours, RPO 1 hour
C.    RTO 9 hours, RPO 1 hour
D.    RTO 1 hour, RPO 9 hours

Answer: BC

You have been asked to create a LUN on a storage array that is comprised of 7,200 rpm SATA drives. Each drive is rated at 100 IOPS. The LUN should provide a minimum of 1100 IOPS and withstand multiple drive failures using the least number of drives.
How many drives and which RAID level should you use to create this LUN?

A.    11 drives and RAID 0
B.    12 drives and RAID 5
C.    13 drives and RAID 6
D.    22 drives and RAID 1

Answer: C

Click the Exhibit button. The customer application requires a 50/50 R/W ratio with 100 MBps throughput requirements for each direction of the link. The application servers will simultaneously sustain these data rates across all LUNs in parallel.


Referring to the exhibit, where will the oversubscribed link(s) occur?

A.    Links between hosts and Switch A
B.    Inter-switch link between Switch A and Switch B
C.    Inter-switch link between Switch B and Switch C
D.    Links between Switch C and storage

Answer: D

Which protocol commonly uses CNA devices?

A.    FCIP
B.    iFCP
C.    FCoE
D.    FCR

Answer: C

A security audit reveals deficiencies in your company’s FC zoning practices.
Your manager asks you to make a recommendation to implement the most secure FC zoning possible.
Your company is using switches from a single vendor.
What do you recommend?

A.    All zones should use frame-based hardware enforcement using pWWN identification exclusively for all configurations.
B.    All zones should use software-based enforcement using pWWN identification exclusively for all configurations.
C.    All zones should use frame-based hardware enforcement using destination port identification exclusively for all configurations.
D.    All zones should use software-based enforcement using destination port identification exclusively for all configurations.

Answer: A

A server with a dual-ported HBA loses access to storage during switch SFP replacement. You want to prevent this from happening in the future.
Which action should you perform?

A.    Use zoning
B.    Enable trunking.
C.    Use LUN masking
D.    Configure multipathing

Answer: D

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