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Which task can you perform for a reference characteristic? (1 correct answer(s))

A.    Add additional attributes.
B.    Load alternative texts.
C.    Change the data type.
D.    Change the description.

Answer: D

What is the definition of a BWA Only InfoCube? (1 correct answer(s))

A.    An InfoCube with the transaction data persisted in the BWA as a flat fact table index.
B.    A standard InfoCube with BWA indexes, without aggregates.
C.    An InfoCube that con join existing analytic indexes via UNION
D.    A BWA index that comprises multiple InfoCubes or DataStore Objects.

Answer: A

You have changed an InfoCube. The modified version needs to be approved by the technical team. Before approval, what must you do to avoid losing the active version of the InfoCube? (1 correct answer(s))

A.    Save and transport
B.    Activate only
C.    Save and activate
D.    Save only

Answer: D

Which option allows you to continue posting new records in the source system during delta initialization? (1 correct answer(s))

A.    Delta initialization with data transfer
B.    Delta initialization without data transfer
C.    Early delta initialization
D.    Repeat delta update

Answer: C

Which adapter do you use to load data directly from Hyperion, which is a multi-dimensional data source? (1 correct answer(s))

A.    File Interface
B.    DB Connect
C.    Staging BAPI
D.    UD Connect

Answer: D

You want set up the SAP BW system to automatically load daily sales data from a flat file using a process chain. What do you need to consider? (1 correct answer(s))

A.    You must store the file in ASCII format.
B.    You must provide the file in a folder on a connected application server.
C.    You must provide the file in a folder on your workstation.
D.    The data in the file must be separated by semicolons.

Answer: B

What function does the BW Service API (S-API) provide? (1 correct answer(s))

A.    You use it to access almost all relational data sources via the Java Engine.
B.    You use it to extract data from SAP ERP, SAP CRM, or SAP SCM systems as well as SAP BW.
C.    You use it to export data to SAP BW via Web Services.
D.    You use it to extract data from certified third party systems.

Answer: B

Which of the following record modes of a DataSource allows direct upload to an InfoCube?
(3 correct answer(s))

A.    Reverse Image
B.    Before Image and After Image
C.    Delete Image
D.    Additive Image
E.    After Image

Answer: ABD

UDI (Universal Data Integration) enhances SAP NetWeaver BW by supporting integration and connectivity to a wide range of data sources.
Which of the following statements are true regarding UDI? (2 correct answer(s))

A.    UDI integration with JDBC (Java Database Connection) only supports persistent data handling: data that is physically stored on BW.
B.    UDI integration with JDBC (Java Database Connection) supports transient data handling:
direct access to data that is stored in the source system.
C.    Creation of UDI DataSources takes place in the Data Warehousing Workbench of SAP NetWeaver BW.
D.    InfoPackages are scheduled for UDI DataSources even though the BI Java Connectors push data to the PSA tables.

Answer: BD

Which of the following interfaces are used to connect SAP NetWeaver BW to external databases? (2 correct answer(s))

A.    Service API
B.    UD Connect
C.    File Interface
D.    DB Connect

Answer: BD

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