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By | September 1, 2016

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Which prefix is used for the text table of an InfoObject? (1 correct answer(s))

A.    /BIC/P…
B.    /BIO/T…
C.    /BIC/D…
D.    /BIO/F…

Answer: B

Which of the following does the data propagation layer of your SAP BW system offer?
(2 correct answer(s))

A.    Ability to extract once and deploy many times
B.    Fast load of mass data
C.    A single version of the truth
D.    Homogenized data

Answer: AC

Which tasks do you have to perform after loading the delta for master data and texts for 0COSTCENTER? (2 correct answer(s))

A.    Activate the master data
B.    Schedule a change run when using aggregates built on navigational attributes of 0COSTCENTER
C.    Compress aggregates using 0COSTCENTER
D.    Activate the hierarchies
E.    Activate the text data

Answer: AB

Your system shows poor query performance. As a member of the BW team, what should you analyze to solve this issue? (3 correct answer(s))

A.    Application Server profile parameters
B.    Load Data Monitor in Data Warehousing Workbench
C.    Read mode settings for InfoCubes
D.    Aggregate and BW Accelerator (BWA. indexes
E.    Compression status of the InfoCube

Answer: CDE

You want to delete and reload a request that has already been loaded and activated in a standard DataStore Object. Which action must you perform before deleting the request? (1 correct answer(s))

A.    Select the Reconstruction tab and choose Reconstruct/Insert in the DataStore Object.
B.    Delete related load requests within subsequent InfoProviders.
C.    Set the status of the request in the DataStore Object to Erroneous.
D.    Delete the corresponding entry for this request in the change log of the DataStore Object.

Answer: B

What happens when you compress an InfoCube?
(2 correct answer(s))

A.    Data is moved from the F fact table to the C fact table.
B.    After compression you can only delete data by request.
C.    All entries in the data package dimension are zero in the compressed fact table.
D.    After compression you can only delete data selectively.

Answer: CD

Which of the following is the correct sequence of steps to transport a BW data flow that extracts data from an SAP ERP system? (1 correct answer(s))

A.    1. Perform transport in the ERP system
2. Perform transport in the BW system
3. Replicate metadata
B.    1. Perform transport in the BW system
2. Perform transport in the ERP system
3. Replicate metadata
C.    1. Perform transport in the ERP system
2. Replicate metadata
3. Perform transport in the BW system
D.    1. Perform transport in the BW system
2. Replicate metadata
3. Perform transport in the ERP system

Answer: C

You want to create a report that shows the number of employees by cost center and be able to drill down by a time characteristic as well. To implement this, you create a cumulative key figure NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES. How do you set CALENDAR DAY? (1 correct answer(s))

A.    As a reference characteristic with LAST VALUE as the exception aggregation.
B.    As a reference characteristic with SUMMATION as the exception aggregation.
C.    As a reference characteristic with MAXIMUM as the exception aggregation.
D.    As a reference characteristic with FIRST VALUE as the exception aggregation.

Answer: A

SAP BW provides two kinds of InfoObjects? (2 correct answer(s))

A.    Key Figure InfoObjects
B.    Technical Characteristic InfoObjects
C.    Characteristic InfoObjects
D.    Time Characteristic InfoObjects

Answer: AC

Display attributes… (2 correct answer(s))

A.    …primarily serve as supplemental information for the carrying characteristic
B.    …can be used for navigating in a report.
C.    …can be used to sort in a report.
D.    …can be used in the query definition to filter individual values of the attribute.
E.    …can be used as navigation attributes in the query definition.

Answer: AC


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