TSHOOT 642-832 Trouble Ticket 6 – VLAN

By | March 14, 2011

Following ticket consists of a problem description and existing configuration on the device.

Trouble Ticket Statement:

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Client 1 is getting an IP address from the DHCP Server but is not able to ping DSW1 or the FTP Server.

Configuration of DSW1

vlan access-map test1 10
match ip address 10
vlan filter test1 vlan-list 10
ip access-list standard 10
interface VLAN10
ip address

Question 1:
What is the solution of the fault condition?
A.Configuration Static IP Address on Client 1
B.Change the IP Address of VLAN 10 on DSW1
C.Add Permit any statement to access-list 10
D.Remove VLAN filter test1 from DSW1
Correct Answer: D
In this scenario you need to issue the “no vlan access-map test1 10” command.
Test Taking Tip: The VACL/PACL can be chosen for DSW1. You have to SCROLL DOWN to find the option.

Question 2:
The Fault Condition is related to which technology?
A.VLAN Access Map
B.InterVLAN communication
D.IP Access List
Correct Answer: A

Question 3:
On which device is the fault condition located?
C.Client 1
D.FTP Server
Correct Answer: B