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By | July 21, 2014

Vendor: Avaya
Exam Code: 3303
Exam Name: Avaya Proactive Contact Implementation and Maintenance Exam

When opening the Configuator dialog box in Health Manager, what information is required?
(Choose three.)

A.    Primary Proactive Contact Details
B.    Secondary Proactive Contact Details
C.    Email Server Details
D.    WebLM Server Details
E.    Database Server Details

Answer: ACE

When testing a Reject Report through the System Telnet menu, it is discovered that the wrong field is included in the report.
Where would the list of fields be revised that can be used within the report to include the missing field?

A.    the label section
B.    the fields section
C.    the dimension section
D.    the expression section

Answer: D

A system operator complains that Analyst reports are running very slowly. You check disk usage on the dialer and find that the /opt/dbase directory is 80% full.
What are two possible causes of the high disk usage? (Choose two.)

A.    The dialer’s disk capacity was not sized properly when the dialer was installed.
B.    The db_maintenance script is not scheduled in cron.
C.    A database backup has not been run recently.
D.    All data is being stored on the primary dialer rather that distributed across the dialers in a pod.
E.    Another customer service engineer had to run stop_mts_services and start_mts_services earlier
in the day because of an error with data pump.

Answer: BD

A company’s host needs the ability to send multiple downloads to the Proactive Contact system throughout the day rather than one automatic download in the morning. This must occur without interruption in calling activity.
Which feature accomplishes this?

A.    Infinite Job
B.    Post update
C.    Virtual Agent
D.    Batch Campaign Update

Answer: A

A system operator has edited a current calling list though Editor. The list is not being used currently by any active jobs or processes.
Which two statements are true about this scenario? (Choose two.)

A.    The modified list configuration can be saved as Active and be used immediately.
B.    The modified list configuration can be saved as Pending; then the system operator can right- clickon
the pending list configuration and choose "Make Active" for the changes to go live immediately.
C.    The Active list configuration must be deleted before saving the new configuration.
D.    The modified list configuration can be saved as In Progress so that later changes can be made without
risk of changing the live configuration.
E.    The modified list configuration can be saved as Pending; the changes will become live upon the next
dialing application restart.

Answer: AE

What permissions can be assigned to a Role in Role Editor Application?

A.    Read/Job control/Write
B.    Read/Write/Execute
C.    Read/Edit/Execute
D.    Read/Manage/Write

Answer: A

Avaya Proactive Contact 5.0 allows a business to run the Unit Work List feature on an Infinite Job. What is the parameter needed and where can it be configured?

A.    MAX_EXPANSION_UNIT in master.cfg
B.    MAXJOBS in master.cfg
C.    Max Additional Units in Editor
D.    Max Records In Editor

Answer: A

From the System Administrator Main menu option for Transfer and Process records, the option for "Recover old calling list" performs which task?

A.    Restores calling list from Backup storage device.
B.    Reprocesses calling list from previous raw file data from host.
C.    Restores calling list data using Latelist/Latemark processing.
D.    Restores calling list data from prior day’s tran.stat files.
E.    Restores calling list from prior day’s automated standard calling list file backup.

Answer: B

A system operator needs to see failed login attempts on the Avaya Proactive Contact 5.X dialer. Which login type must be used to see these failed attempts?

A.    sysadm
B.    system
C.    auditor
D.    reporter

Answer: C

You have just configured all of the dialers in pod with high availability Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (HA-LDAP).What needs to be performed for the replication of the user accounts to work properly?

A.    Stop and start the mid-tier processes on the primary dialer only.
B.    Stop and start the dialer processes on the primary and secondary dialers.
C.    Stop and start the LDAP service on the primary dialer only.
D.    Stop and start the LDAP service on the primary and secondary dialers.

Answer: D

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