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By | February 27, 2017

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Which command can you enter to disable logging for VTY lines?

A.    no logging monitor
B.    no logging count
C.    no logging buffer
D.    no logging console
E.    no logging trap

Answer: D

Which feature monitors network events and takes automated action based on scripts configured by the administrator?

A.    NetFlow
B.    Performance Monitoring
C.    EPC
D.    EEM

Answer: D

Which IPv4 feature prevents multicast joins on a per-port basis?

A.    MLD filtering
B.    IGMP snooping
C.    IGMP filtering
D.    PIM snooping

Answer: B

Which two statements about PfR are true?(Choose two)

A.    It manages traffic classes
B.    It provides a narrower scope of route control than OER.
C.    It provides intelligent route control on a per-application basis.
D.    It supports split tunneling and spoke-to-spoke links.
E.    It always prefers the least cost path.

Answer: AE

Which statement about EIGRP request packets is true?

A.    They determine whether a destination is reachable
B.    They are transmitted unreliably
C.    They are transmitted via broadcast
D.    They are sent in response to queries

Answer: B

Which routing protocol is not supported with VRF-lite?

A.    IS-IS
B.    OSPF
D.    BGP

Answer: A

How can you reduce latency on a VoIP network?

A.    Implement a congestion-avoidance algorithm
B.    Implement low latency queuing
C.    Configure an SLA to collect information on packet loss
D.    Set the IP SLA timeout to 1000 milliseconds.
E.    Implement fast retransmission.

Answer: B

Which two statements about the host address are true?(Choose two)

A.    The network address is
B.    The network address is
C.    The network address is
D.    The broadcast address is
E.    The broadcast address is
F.    The broadcast address is

Answer: BD

Refer to the exhibit. What are two effects of the given configuration?(Choose two)

A.    The router will fail to form neighbor adjacencies over all EIGRP interfaces except F0/0
B.    The router will fail to form neighbor adjacencies over interface F0/0
C.    The router will advertise the network
D.    The router will manuallu summarize the network
E.    Auto-summarization will be enabled on the F0/0 interface

Answer: BC

Which two statements about IPv6 PIM are true?(Choose two)

A.    PIM-SM and PIM-SSM can be configured in the same network
B.    PIM-SM bases its RPF checks on the unicast routing table
C.    It supports both sparse mode and dense mode
D.    It supports both Auto-RP and BSR
E.    It works in conjunction with unicast routing protocols to send and receive multicast updates

Answer: AB

Wht is the EUI 64-bit address corresponding to MAC address 0032F4C57781?

A.    FFFE0032F4C57781
B.    0032F4FFFEC57781
C.    0032F4C57781FFFE
D.    C57781FFFE0032F4

Answer: B

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