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Which of these is a suspect user agent?

A.    <> (the null string)
B.    Wget/1.8.1
C.    Mozilla/5.0
D.    Opera/9.0

Answer: C

Which credentials must be entered into the S-Series GUI when joining the Active Directory domain?

A.    the credentials of the account (created by the S-Series) on the Active Directory server when the domain is joined
B.    the credentials of a privileged account on the Active Directory server
C.    the credentials of any account on the Active Directory server
D.    the S-Series administrative account

Answer: B

Which protocol does External Data Loss Protection integration with the Web Security Appliance use?

A.    SNMP
B.    SMTP
C.    HTTP
D.    ICAP
E.    ICMP
F.    LDAP
G.    IMAP

Answer: D

Which action can the security administrator define using Application Visibility and Controls?

A.    to control application actions inside Web 2.0 applications
B.    to define bandwidth controls for streaming media content types
C.    to use Web Reputation Score to block or allow URL content to be delivered from the appliance
D.    to block MIME content types on a per policy basis

Answer: B

Drag and Drop Question
Put the following features in the order they are applied.


Why does L4TM require T1 to be in promiscuous mode?

A.    To transmit TCP reset packets
B.    To process traffic that is not intended for its MAC address
C.    To receive Ethernet broadcasts
D.    To bind with other promiscuous mode ports

Answer: B

Which action does Dynamic Content Analysis enable the Web Security Appliance to do?

A.    Reclassify miscategorized sites.
B.    Determine the most likely category of the website delivering content.
C.    Block web content based on the Web Reputation of the serving site.
D.    Choose the best AV engine to scan content.
E.    Redirect the user to a site that the security administrator chooses.

Answer: B

In the access log, what does an ACL tag beginning with BLOCK_ADMIN indicate?

A.    The transaction was blocked because of application or object properties.
B.    The malware category is set to blocking mode.
C.    The transaction was manually blocked by the administrative user.
D.    The destination was manually added to the block list.

Answer: A

You are helping the customer configure authentication. A new AsyncOS upgrade becomes available, what should you do?

A.    Avoid mentioning the upgrade to the customer.
B.    Immediately show the customer how to run the CLI command upgrade.
C.    Contact customer support and ask them to run the upgrade for you.
D.    Schedule a convenient time to upgrade again, backing up the configuration before and after the upgrade.

Answer: D

Which of these cannot be used in defining policies?

A.    User agent
B.    Proxy port
C.    Usage quotas
D.    Time of day

Answer: C

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