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By | August 15, 2014

Vendor: Oracle
Exam Code: 1Z0-465
Exam Name: Oracle RightNow CX Cloud Service 2012 Essentials

Your customer has asked you to fulfill a list of requirements for their incident workspace.
The customer has explained that the following constraints will be place. All incidents receivedwill via a web from thatyour customer manageswhich is automatically forwardedto the Oracle Rightnow CXService mail server. All incident data will be formattedexactlyin the same mannerin each email using the followingformat:
– Last Name
– First Name
– Product
– Serial Number
– Question
– Create a tab with "Risk Management"data consistingof customfields and customobject data,and hide it from allstandard agents.
– If the serial number is greater than500000 set thevalue of the custom field"Risk Management" Yes.
– Capture the "Product"field from the email and populatethe productin the incidents.prod_id field.
– Capture the Last andFirst names from the emailand populate the productcontact.last_name and contacts.first_name fields.
– Create tabs for eachproduct linkingto the product informationpage on yourcustomer’sweb site.
– Once the product has been setin the workspaceopen up the applicable tabautomaticallyfor the agent to view.
They have asked that no customization be part of the new workspace. Identify the three requirements that are met using standard product features within the workspace.

A.    Create a tab with "Risk management" data consisting of custom fields and custom object data, and hide
it from all standard agents.
B.    If the serial number is greater than 500000 set the value of the custom field "Risk management" = Yes
C.    Capture the "Product" field from the email and populate the product in the incidents.prod_id field.
D.    Capture the Last and First names from the email and populate the product in the contact.last_name and
contacts.first_name fields.
E.    Create tabs for each product linking to the product information page on the customer’s web site.
F.    Once the product has been set in the workspace open up the applicable tab automatically for the agent to view.

Answer: CDF

During requirements gathering, your customer determines that since they will be directing customers to support pages from their website, they would like the default Home page to be removed.
Which three of the available options are required to complete this requirement?

A.    Delete the home.php file from the customerportal site.
B.    Update the config verb CP_Login_URL
C.    Remove the "Home page" navigation option from the template file.
D.    Update the config verb CP_HOME_URL.
E.    Upgrade the site.css file to remove references to the Home page.

Answer: CDE

Your customer wants to set a disposition and add specific standard text item automatically based on a given endpoint within guided Assistant path info the response thread. What are the two steps required to complete this request?

A.    Create a Named Event to fire each end point of the Guide.
B.    Use an Incident Business rule to fire a named event and populate the standard text to the message thread.
C.    Use Agent Workspace rule to populate the standard text to the message thread and set the disposition
when the named event is fired.
D.    Use Agent Workflow to populate the disposition and populate the standard text based on the named
event in the guide.
E.    Use a workplace rule to create a pop-up box reminding the agent to select the disposition and make the
disposition field required on the incident workplace.

Answer: AC
* To create a simple rule using named events, open a test incident workspace and:
1. Create a rule to fire a named event:
2. Create a second rule to take action on the named event from above:
When you test this workspace you should see that the incident status is set to "Updated" after you change the Incident subject.

In a Customer Portal design session, the customer explains to you that they have multiple brands, and that they have multiple websites to reflect these brands. After reviewing the sites with the customer, you notice that each of the sites contain the same layout and content, but has different colors and branding, such as logos. Which option allows for a consistent layout and dynamic branding?

A.    Use a single theme across all Customer Portal pages, and implement templates dynamically.
B.    Do not use a template, and implement themes dynamically.
C.    Do not use a theme, and implement templates dynamically.
D.    Use a single template across all Customer Portal pages, and implement themes dynamically.

Answer: D

Your customer has asked you to create a report that will need to be sent to the executive
management. None of the receipts of this report has access to the system, and the same monthly report should be delivered to all recipients. The management team frequently changes and your customer does not want to alter the report schedule after configuration. After creating the report what two additional steps need to be taken?

A.    Create a schedule record for the report.
B.    Send a notification to the execution team that the report is available.
C.    Set the up staff accounts for the executive team.
D.    Create and add the distribution list to the schedule.
E.    Create a dashboard for the report.
F.    Upgrade the permissions for the report to include the executive team.

Answer: AD
*Distribution Lists
Email address lists that you can use when scheduling
reports, configuring rule notifications, forwarding
incidentsand opportunities, and using CC and BCC in
incident responses

Your customer supports three different brands and needs to be able to send and receive emails using differently branded email. The end customers may not know that the three brands are supported by the same company or that the Oracle RightNow CX Cloud Service is being used.
Identify the three configurations that must be made to enable this requirement.

A.    Use SMTP Forwarding from your customer’s mail server to the default service mailbox.
B.    Create three service mailboxes on the console, and use SMTP forwarding from your customer’s
mail server.
C.    Use the Friendly From/Branded Address.
D.    Use the email address as the Reply To Address.
E.    Use your customer’s branded email address as the Reply To address.

Answer: BCE
*Key Elements of the RightNow CX August 2011 Releaseinclude:
Enhanced Mailbox Branding – Provides a "Friendly From/Branded Address" field to increase personalization and relevance for service and marketing emails.

Your customer’s agent is using the Co-Browse feature with an end customer who is using a Mac.
The Co-Browse is displaying an error and will not work. What action must the agent take to allow Co-Browse to work on Mac OS?

A.    Nothing, Co Browse is not supported for a Mac OS.
B.    Instruct the end customer to enable Java on their Mac.
C.    Have the customer clear their browser cache and try again.
D.    Have the customer use the IE browser.

Answer: B

Your customer has a single Service level Agreement and applies the service Level Agreement called Reseller when a contact is a reseller of their services. These end customers often have their own ticketing system, and in order to capture the reseller’s ticket number, the customer has requested that their Ask page be upgraded to include an External Ticket Number custom field only when the logged in contact has a Service level Agreement that only a reseller would have.
Which two widgets or tags are used to complete your customer’s request?

A.    Use the "Conditional" tag with an "sla" attribute.
B.    Use the "FormInput" widget.
C.    Use the "FormInputCustom" widget.
D.    Use the "FormSubmit" widget.
E.    Use the "Field" tag with the "name" attribute.

Answer: AE

Which three actions must be performed in order to configure cloud Monitor?

A.    Add or update navigation sets to include the Cloud Monitor navigation button and component
B.    Add or update profiles to include-Cloud Monitor permissions.
C.    Add or update profiles to include permission to add themes and Clustering.
D.    Add or update staff accounts to use profiles that include Cloud Monitor permissions.
E.    Add or update a list of favorites.
F.    Set up a Cloud Monitor search schedule.

Answer: ABD
/Before you can monitor the social cloud to search for information related to your organization, you need to configure your application to provide access to the RightNow Cloud Monitor.
To provide access to the RightNow Cloud Monitor it is necessary to:
* (A)Add cloud monitor to Navigation Sets
* (B)Add cloud monitor permission to Profiles

Your customer wants to implement a new business process. They have given you these requirements:
– All contactswhen createdwill havethe contacts.c$free_trial customfieldset to NO(default in novalue).
– All contacts willbeadded to organization= "Temp".
– All contactswith contacts.c$free_trial = "Yes" willhave anopportunitycreatedthat isassignedto "agent 1",with a status ="Lead"and territory = EMA-United Kingdom.
Identify the three minimum rule types to be configured to meet the requirement.

A.    Chat Rules
B.    Contact Rules
C.    Incident Rule
D.    Opportunity Rules
E.    Organization Rules
F.    Survey Rules
G.    Task Rules

Answer: BDE
B:Contact Rules
Contact Rules are triggered when contact records are created or updated.
For example, you can use contact rules to automatically apply service level agreements
(SLAs)or to set fields based on how the record is created or updated
D:Opportunity Rules
Opportunity rules are triggered when a sales opportunity is created or updated. You can use
opportunity rules to notify managers when a sales opportunity reaches a certain status in your sales cycle
E:Organization Rules
Organization Rules are triggered when organization records are created or updated. For example, you can use Organization Rules to notify support staff or accounts receivable when an organization record is created or updated

Your customer is a printing company and every knowledgebase article contains the word "print.
Which configuration will enable end customer searches to return a single knowledge article result when searching with "print"?

A.    Add "print" using the stop word editor and add "print" to only one knowledgebase article keyword
B.    Add "print" using the Stop word editor and add "print" to the alias file.
C.    Add "print" to only one knowledgebase article keyword and add "print" to a search priority word and assign
multiple answers.
D.    Add "print" using the stop word editor and add "print" to a search priority word and assign one answer.

Answer: D
Search Priority Words editor. This feature of Oracle RightNow Knowledge Cloud Service used to be known as the Topic Words editor in versions released before May2010. This feature (see Figure below) is used to manually show an answer at the top of all search results when a certain search term is entered. Entering a search priority word is helpful when you are confident that you know exactly which answer a customer wants to read when that person enters a particular search term.
Widely using the Search Priority Words editor is not recommended; instead, use it sparingly for special situations, such as when you have an umbrella answer.

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