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By | March 17, 2014

31: A payment gateway routes payment information between the: cart and the processor.
B.customer account and the issuing bank.
C.merchant account and the acquiring bank.
D.merchant account and the customer account.
Correct Answers: A

32: Blogads are: placed in a Web log.
B.banner exchange programs.
C.a low-traffic segment of the Internet. viewed by younger, less affluent users.
Correct Answers: A

33: Alcazar wants to host three Web sites on the same computer, and to use SSL for transactions on each site. Which of the following methods for hosting multiple Web sites would be most suitable?
A.Use three separate ports.
B.Bind three IP addresses to the server.
C.Use three separate host header names.
D.Use server virtualization software to run multiple operating systems.
Correct Answers: B

34: What security protocol typically allows Web-based applications to pass data securely by providing an encrypted channel?
Correct Answers: C

35: Which of the following pieces of information will best help you determine the number of transactions your database server can accommodate?
A.Maximum uptime requirements
B.Minimum installation requirements
C.The number of database tables required
D.The number of concurrent user connections
Correct Answers: D

36: Mortimer is creating an e-business site for an international supplier of exotic flower bulbs. Many customers are loyal purchase-club members. He has decided to use a virtual catalog in the construction of the site. Which of the following practices pertaining to implementing a virtual catalog should be avoided?
A.Managing pricing in multiple currencies
B.Implementing special pricing rules for club members
C.Making multiple base catalogs appear as a single catalog to customer
D.Adding new items to the virtual catalog to add duplicate database entries
Correct Answers: D

37: Which of the following terms describes a level of a supply chain?
Correct Answers: A

38: You are planning to install a database server in a mission-critical environment. What is the best way to ensure continuous data availability and reliability?
A.Provide fail-over clustering.
B.Install a multiprocessor server.
C.Establish a strict security policy.
D.Install multiple hot-swappable hard disk drives.
Correct Answers: A

39: Which of the following segments first used blogs as an Internet marketing tool?
A.Small businesses
B.Large corporations
C.Government agencies
D.Mainstream advertisers
Correct Answers: A

40: User-tracking services can provide data about site visitors. Which of the following types of data are collected by tracking services?
A.Operating system, browser type, domain
B.Operating system, third-party cookies, passwords
C.Operating system, browser type, third-party cookies
D.Operating system, demographic information, domain
Correct Answers: A

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